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Contemporary photo of a fountain close to where all 147 Swiss Guard died on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica, which can be seen in the background.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX has been considered neutralised for several centuries, as it occurred only once in 1527 and has not re-occured since.

Description: During February 1527, a Foundation agent embedded (as such as those precursors to the modern organisation existed during that time period) within the court of Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was assigned by his liege to a gold train intended to pay troops as part of the War of the League of Cognac. This war was fought primarily between various Habsburg dominions of Charles V, consisting of approximately modern day Germany and Spain against an alliance including France, Pope Clement VII, the Republic of Venice, the Kingdom of England, the Duchy of Milan and Republic of Florence over Habsburg influence in Italy.

This gold train was intended to secure the continued loyalty of Luthern mercenaries that made up the backbone of the army's commander, Charles III, Duke of Bourbon and disgraced Frenchman. During the transportation in Northern Italy, the agent reported demonic attacks striking from the woods as the agent traveled, whittling down the train's guard, until the guards were forced to retreat and abandon the gold payments.

The attackers of SCP-XXXX were described by the agent as bird-like, striking from range with great snaps of their beak that could strike down their foes at range. As the other guards fell, the Foundation agent fell back and made their way to Charles III's army without the gold and embedded themselves within his army.

The subsequent events of this action have become known as the Sacking of Rome occuring on May 6, 1527, as Charles III's troops mutinied due to lack of payment and forced him to attack and sack Rome where plunder there would suffice as payment. Charles III died during the attack, believed to be due to his distinctive white coat giving away him away as a target to the defenders of Rome.

Rome was defended by 5,000 militia to guard the walls, and 189 Swiss Guard that served as the personal bodyguard of Pope Clement VII. As the city was overwhelmed by approximately 25,000 attackers seeking to loot the city, St. Peter's Basilica was defended by 147 of the Swiss Guard who died to the last man, as the remaining 42 accompanied Pope Clement VII as he escaped. Outside St. Peter's Basilica, the Swiss commander reportedly gave the following speech, according to the embedded Foundation agent:

Dying for the holy with dedication,
No surrender, obliteration,
Papal love and ultimate reincarnation,
The way to Heaven is your destination,

For the grace, for the might of our Lord,
In the name of his glory,
For the faith, for the way of the spear and sword,
In the name of God,

From the home of the holy,
Heaven is your destination!

Contemporary Foundation analysis are divided on whether an actual anomalous attack occurred on the gold train, or if the agent was terrified and so accounted that to their superiors and simply encountered enemy forces, mostly likely from Milan, that Charles III had recently been forced to abandon. These analysts note the similarity to the demon Phenex, written about in a similar time period for who no evidence has since been reported, and the snapping sound heard during the attack may have just been the sound of musket fire. Either way, all agree that because of the lack of similarly described events in the same region for almost 500 years, SCP-XXXX is considered Neutralized.