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caption=SCP-3496 taken out of containment safe during testing, held by Junior Researcher Will|

Item #: SCP-3496

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3496 is to be contained in a standard anomalous containment unit. All unused film contained within SCP-3496 at the conclusion of testing is to be removed from SCP-3496, exposed to light for no fewer than thirty (30) seconds and incinerated.

Description: SCP-3496 is a white Polaroid Onestep 2 instant camera with light wear on either side from prior use. Using Polaroid 600 film and/or taking pictures without the flash enabled both result in entirely non-anomalous images.

SCP-3496 was acquired by foundation agents during a follow-up investigation of a suspected serial killer. Upon discovery, the suspect's body was found seated in a chair. The suspect had a heartbeat and was breathing, but brain scans later revealed him to be comatose. In front of his body, SCP-3496 was mounted on a tripod. A developed photo was found on the floor below the camera, depicting the suspect hanging by his neck from the ceiling, apparently dead. Near the chair, an undeveloped photo was torn in half and discarded on the floor. The chair that the body occupied was kicked over in the photo, and rested on its side below the suspect's dangling feet. This photo, and others like it, are hereby designated SCP-3496-1.

Several dozen photos were later found in the suspect's home, each depicting a person who was either found deceased or declared missing within the past 3 years. In each photo, the victim appeared to be dead, in most cases from either hunger or dehydration. In five cases, the victim appeared to have instead died from asphyxiation.

SCP-3496 was immediately removed from the evidence locker of ██████ County Police Station and replaced with a non-anomalous copy upon discovery of these properties.

SCP-3496 displays its anomalous properties when charged fully via a micro USB port on the back of the camera and loaded with any Polaroid i-type film. When a photo is taken with flash enabled, containing at least one human,1 the anomalous properties manifest.

An instance of SCP-3496-1 is printed from the camera. Instances will develop several times more slowly than normal photos taken with i-type film. Subjects will at this point report nausea or blurred vision. After several seconds, subject expresses confusion regarding the sudden appearance of solid white walls on all sides, and the manifestation of a transparent barrier in front of them. After half a minute, the subject's eyes appear to glaze over, and will henceforth appear unresponsive to any visual stimuli. After one minute, subject's movements are visible in the photo. After two minutes, subject's movements become weak and sluggish, diminishing to twitches over time. At the same time, the subject will become more active within the photo. At three minutes, the subject's body will become fully comatose. Subject may attempt to verbally communicate from inside the photo, but vocalizations will be inaudible with the human ear. With the assistance of a contact microphone, the subject may be heard from within the photo. Versions of subjects contained within SCP-3496-1 are hereafter referred to as SCP-3496-2.

If the body is preserved, the process may be reversed by cutting one side from the photo and placing it on the subject's body. The version of the subject within the photo can be observed to walk through the newly opened side, and shortly thereafter their body will shudder awake as though waking from a nightmare.

Experiment log:

Experiment 1: An experiment was carried out to determine the durability of SCP-3496-1 instances.
Subject: D-6941
Procedure: D-6941 was placed in front of SCP-3496, which was then activated.
Result: SCP-3496-1 behaved similarly to a non-anomalous photo, and was easily torn in half. SCP-3496-2 displayed great distress when tear began, and quickly expired once the tear reached his body. Body of D-6941 incinerated.

Experiment 2: An experiment was carried out to determine what would happen if an instance of SCP-3496-1 were to be destroyed before it develops fully.
Subject: D-6514
Procedure: SCP-3496 was used to take a photo of D-6514. D-6514 was then instructed to immediately destroy the photo.
Result: D-6514 reported the appearance of a bright streak of light corresponding to the location and direction of the tear in the photo. Development process of photo was halted by this damage, and D-6514 appeared to experience no ill effects one month following this experiment, D-6514 attempted self-termination. See Interview 3496-6514.

Interview 3496-6514:


Testing has been suspended indefinitely.

A Scranton Reality Anchor has been deployed at the previous test site.