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SCP-3484-A within SCP-3484-0.

Item #: SCP-3484

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Presently, 6 instances of SCP-3484 have been acquired by the Foundation through front corporation Sally Chime's Fresh Fruits and Produce. Instances of SCP-3484 continually operate as commercial orchards producing non-anomalous fruit. Instances of SCP-3484 are to be staffed by Foundation researchers with moderate experience in vegetative anomalies.

The "rejuvenation" of SCP-3484-A by SCP-3484-C must be performed no more than 24 days before testing on SCP-3484 is conducted. When not being used for testing, SCP-3484-C should be stored in an opaque container.

Description: SCP-3484 denotes several orchards (designated SCP-3484-0 through SCP-3484-5) in which instances of SCP-3484-A are located. Each specimen of SCP-3484-A superficially resembles one of seven species of apple or plum tree1. Internally, an SCP-3484-A instance possesses strands of 600 to 800 million neurons throughout its branches and trunk, clustering in a "brain" near the roots. Between 4 and 8 bud-like growths composed of undifferentiated cells are located at the tips of each branch.


SCP-3484-B cellular photo

After any living organism makes contact with the bark of SCP-3484-A, a bud begins producing a fruit superficially similar to the fruit normally produced by a non-anomalous tree. At the cellular level, these fruits differ in chloroplast concentration, lack vacuoles, and outer cells lack cell walls. The resulting fruit feels and appears fluid or 'squishy". These fruit are designated SCP-3484-B.

If the organism which initiated contact consumes the resulting SCP-3484-B, the SCP-3484-B instance will encourage the development of immune cells (primarily leukocytes) and the general heath of kidney and liver cells in the consumer within 4 hours of consumption. Within 6 hours of consumption the consumer's body will begin to develop pluripotent stem cells, which will begin to repair any physical damage already on the consumer's body. This response does not continue after the initial healing event. An Instance of SCP-3484-A cannot bare an instance of SCP-3484-B more than once unless SCP-3484-C is applied.

SCP-3484-C denotes a 101.8 by 152.5 cm reproduction of Albert Herter's "Garden of the Hesperides". When the painted side of SCP-3484-C's canvas faces any instance of SCP-3484-A, it will be regain its ability to bare SCP-3484-B within 24 days of exposure. Once the instance of SCP-3484-A can generate SCP-3484-B again, SCP-3484-C must be removed or the effect will be reversed and the instance of SCP-3484-A will lose the ability to generate SCP-3484-B.

Addendum A: SCP-3484-C Recovery Log



SCP-3484-0 was first discovered by Foundation feild agents investigating reports of "magic fruit" by contacts in the area around Viljandi, Estonia. Subsequent investigations determined the [] orchard had been receiving funding from Science for Humanity, a Manna Charitable Foundation front.

Through Sally Chime's Fresh Fruits and Produce, the Foundation bought out the orchard. During initial research of SCP-3484-0