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^^ SCP-XXXX's packaging ^^

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in an air tight container that is clearly labeled, along with the artifact's packaging, as an SCP. It is not to be left in any location where it could be mistaken for a mundane snack-food. No further packages of SCP-XXXX are to be opened until the currently open package of SCP-XXXX is exhausted. All instances of SCP-XXXXA are to be kept in facilities designed to provide for corresponding animal species but are to be allowed regular human contact and proximity to simple human entertainments. All instances of SCP-XXXXB can be kept inminimal facilities and do not require human contact or amenities.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large box of Nabisco brand "Barnum's Animals Crackers" containing one (1) opened package and five (5) unopened packages. Each package contains sixteen (16) crackers depicting a variety of circus animals. One registered cracker does not correspond with known cracker designs normally found in a "Barnum's Animals Crackers" container. The crackers are described as highly unpalatable by subjects, which seems to prevent individuals from consuming more than one cracker without coercion. The opened package currently contains:

  • Giraffe, 1
  • Camel, 1
  • Tiger, 1
  • Sheep, 1
  • Kangaroo, 1
  • Cougar, 1
  • Elephant, 1
  • Human, 1 - anomalous
  • Total -8

Consumption of a cracker contained in SCP-XXXX causes subject to physically and genetically mutate into the animal depicted on the cracker over a period of approximately twenty seven (27) hours (SCP-XXXXA). The transformation is described by subjects as physically painful and causes them to express extreme discomfort. Attempts to interact with subjects after the transformation concludes shows that they retain a large degree of previous intelligence and that they are able to recall their former existence. A subject fed numerous two crackers within a period of thirty minutes mutates into a viable genetic hybrid of the two species - the time it took for the metamorphosis to complete was increased to fourty three (43) hours. SCP-XXXX appears to have the same effect on animals (SCP-XXXXB). Subjects that have currently undergone the mutation include:

-Sarah ████: student recovered along with SCP - taken to facility halfway through transformation. Subject is now a female juvenile Ursus arctos. Designation SCP-XXXXA-1, only responds to Sarah.

-D-XXXX-1: D-class personnel administered one (1) sheep shaped cracker from SCP-XXXX, full transformation monitored. Subject is now a male adult Ovis aries. SCP-XXXXA-2, responds to previous designation.

-D-XXXX-2: D-class personnel administered one (1) monkey and one (1) kangaroo shaped cracker within twenty seconds of eachother from SCP-XXXX, full transformation monitored. Subject is now a male adult mammal that appears to be a viable genetic hybrid of Macropus Macropus and Simia troglodytes. Subject's phenotypical traits include [REDACTED]. SCP-XXXXA-3, responds to previous designation.

-Cow-1092: Female livestock administered one (1) camel shaped cracker, full transformation monitored. Subject is now a female adult Camelus dromedarius. SCP-XXXXB-1, responds to Betsy.

SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXXA-1 were recovered from a waste container in the cafeteria of ███████ Middle School in ██████████ ██████ on ██/██/████. ████ family, school faculty, and student body were administered class A amnestics and had false memories implanted. Local media outlets were provided false information of an escaped zoo animal as to the cause of the events reported at the school.

Addendum 1 [SCP-XXXX]: Testing has shown that application of three instances of SCP-XXXX on one subject does not produce viable hybridization. Remains of test subject were autopsied and then incinerated. Subject was feed a tiger, an elephant, and a seal shaped instance of SCP-XXXX. Subjects physiology was extremely disordered. It is assumed at this time that application of instances of SCP-XXXX in excess of two on a single subject at any given time is not productive.

Addendum 2 [SCP-XXXX]: SCP-XXXXA-1 expressed distress on ██/██/████, explaining that it was having increasing difficulty remembering it's previous existence. Subject was reassured that a treatment to it's condition was being pursued. Subject expressed impatience but was quickly calmed without the use of sedatives. Two days later SCP-XXXXA-2 expressed a desire for the company of other sheep. It is postulated that the social nature of SCP-XXXXA-2's species relative to other subjects caused this want.

Addendum 3 [SCP-XXXX]: On ██/██/████ one of the ewe provided as company for SCP-XXXXA-2 was confirmed as pregnant, subject claims to be the father, subject expressed no regret for his actions despite no record of past sexual attraction to animals. Initial examinations show that the child is anomalous.

Addendum 4 [SCP-XXXX]: On ██/██/████ ewe gave birth to three sheep-shaped instances of SCP-XXXX. Objects have been stored with the other instances of SCP-XXXX. It is now speculated by research staff that similar events are the source of all instances of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXXA-2 aggressively resisted the confiscation of new instances of SCP-XXXX and was sedated.

Note: Dr. C████ has petitioned for the removal of animal crackers from the selections available in the third floor canteen vending machine.