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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-XXXX's omnipresent nature, true containment is virtually impossible. However, days after expedition team 1 was lost inside SCP-XXXX, command received a recording of doctor ███████. This recording shed new light on the sentiency of SCP-XXXX. It was shown that SCP-XXXX, despite being a corridor, showed signs of intelligence and communicative skill. It was also found that as long as SCP-XXXX was given more subjects to "teach", it would remain stationary within the foundation. As stated in the full report below, SCP-XXXX teleports to a new location of its choosing on a weekly basis, however the specific time of departure is shown to vary with no clear pattern. As a result, two D-class personnel are sent within SCP-XXXX on a biweekly basis as to not risk SCP-XXXX's departure and escape.

Description: SCP-XXXX has earned its Euclid-class designation thanks, in large part, to the enigmatic function of SCP-XXXX as a whole. It is speculated to be an entirely separate dimension. SCP-XXXX takes the form of a dimly lit hallway in a random location in the world. This hallway is accessible only through a doorway that changes its appearance to mimic what an average door would look like in that part of the world. Upon entering said doorway, the victim has roughly seven seconds to leave before the door closes with a force that far overpowers any human or apparatus. After the door has closed, the victim is forever lost. Even if the doorway is reopened seconds after closing, the previous victim is gone with no signs of movement or struggle.

SCP-XXXX was first brought to light in the year ████, with many legends and folklore surrounding it around the world. Though dismissed by the fledgling foundation due to the large distribution of the sighting locations and the equivocation of SCP-XXXX to a portal to hell, a missing child story told in the small city of ██████████ led to the foundation's interest, where SCP-XXXX was first discovered to be a real phenomenon. Many attempts at capture, or at least tracking, revealed that this SCP somehow teleported to a new location on a weekly basis (though the exact timing is unknown). It is currently unknown what happens to the room or hall that the SCP replaces.

Thanks to the efforts of expedition team 1, we now know what the initial interior of SCP-XXXX looks like. It is not known if there is an end to SCP-XXXX, however it is known that at a certain point the concrete walls begin slowly changing until eventually they are replaced with walls of a fleshy substance. No samples of this substance have ever been retrieved.

It is noteworthy that a single entity, designated as SCP-XXXX-1, has been speculated to reside within the fleshy portions of SCP-XXXX. As there is no video evidence and only a single audio recording supporting the existence of SCP-XXXX-1 it has been a subject of serious debate among the various researchers in the foundation. Below is a transcript of the lone audio recording regarding the alleged "SCP-XXXX-1":

Expedition 1 - ██-██-████

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Time Stamp: 00:00:00-00:05:00, 6:27:15-7:14:00
Audio Log [00:00:00-00:05:00]:

Echidna 1: This is expedition force 1, callsign Echidna.
Command: Copy. Echidna 1, ready the squad and doctor ███████ for entry.
Echidna 1: Good copy, ready for entry.
[Sounds of door opening]
Echidna 1: Engaging camera feed.
Command: Receiving feed on channel 26.7. Looks rather bleak.
Echidna 1: Yeah, pretty dark too. Hey, can I get some lights on?
[Sounds of shuffling]
Echidna 1: Good. Proceeding further in.

Audio Log [6:27:15-7:14:00]:

Echidna 1: Command, are you seeing this?
Command: Negative, what are you seeing?
Echidna 1: This wall… it's weird. It appears to have softened, but still keep its shape. Like memory foam.
Command: Demonstrate.
[Shuffling sounds, presumably of Echidna 1 making contact with the wall]
Command: Interesting. Have doctor ███████ prepare a few samples on your way back.
Echidna 1: Copy.
[A few minutes of silence as Echidna continues to venture deeper into SCP-XXXX]
Command: Uh, Echidna 1?
Echidna 1: Copy.
Command: Video feed has shut down.
Echidna 1: What? Hang on… Yeah, all the cameras have died.
Command: Proceed with exploration.
[More minutes of silence broken by Echidna 1's gasp]
Echidna 1: Command, the walls… they're… flesh? Doctor what is this?
Command: Echidna 1, can you repeat that.
Doctor ███████: I wouldn't say it's "flesh" as much as it is "fleshy".
Echidna 1: Meaning?
Doctor ███████: Meaning it's definitely comprised of biological matter, but I won't be able to identify it until I examine it back at the lab.
Command: Echidna 1! Do you copy?
[A low frequency enters the recording, unheard by Echidna]
Echidna 1: Alright, get some samples and we'll head back. Command?
Command: Copy. We appear to have had lost communication temporarily.
Echidna 1: Understood-
Command: Echidna 1, what is that sound?
Echidna 1: What sound?
Command: There appears to be interference on this channel. Switch over to B-7.

[Recording abruptly ends, picking up approximately 30 minutes later]

Echidna 1: Command? Echidna requesting permission to head back. Command?
Command: Understood. Permission gra-
[The frequency returns at a much higher volume. The screams of command can be heard]
Echidna 1: Command? Command! Respond! Shit… Alright team, we're bugging ou-
[Echidna pauses. Screams continue. A fleshy dragging sound can be heard]
Echidna 1: What the hell is that?
[The frequency reaches a climax. The screams of command and the frequency abruptly stop]
Echidna 1: Command! Command!
SCP-XXXX: You needn't worry about them. Now they won't be able to interfere with our talks.
Echidna 1: What did you do to them! Ready weapons!
SCP-XXXX: That will not be necessary. I do not mean any harm.
Echidna 1: What. Did you do. To command?
SCP-XXXX: Welcome. Allow me to- Ah!
[a fleshy slithering sound is heard, followed by more gunfire]
SCP-XXXX: Heathens!
[Sounds of flesh rupturing followed by more slithering can be heard. Expedition squad screaming]
[Silence, followed by doctor ███████ whimpering. Fleshy slithering]
SCP-XXXX: Do not worry. I would never harm a man of intellect. Come, we have much to discuss.

Addendum: Hours later Command was found, all comatose. They were each sent to psychiatric evaluations and each came back showing symptoms of severe schizophrenia. Days after Echidna's disappearance, Command received an encrypted radio signal. When decoded, the signal proved to be a eerie recording of doctor ███████. Here is a portion of the 30 minute recording.

Doctor ███████: There is no escape for me, nor anyone who enters this place. I have seen many things, learned many things. I have found the reason for mankind's extinction and seen the end unfold. I have learned so much, have been taught so much… [a fleshy sound of force is heard followed by an grunt of discomfort from doctor ███████] There must be more who learn. More to be taught. It is willing to stop and stay here, in the facility, however he must be given more.

It is unknown what or whom the doctor is referencing, as he appears to speak of an object or place (presumably SCP-XXXX) but slips out the word "he" towards the end. This one word is the epicenter of fierce debate. However, one thing agreed by all is that the very nature of SCP-XXXX and its sentiency allow for very little data to be extracted with the foundation's current capabilities.