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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the initial locking containment in Sector █'s locker room being unfit to stifle the objects' anomalies, SCP-XXXX is now to be contained in a 4x4m square containment room in Site-76. The object is to be meticulously centered on top of a 1x1m white table correctly centered and parallel to the walls in the room. Interaction with XXXX from any angle must be possible.

After testing, the containment room is to be cleaned up by (2) Class D subjects assigned to janitorial labour. The doors are to be locked shut behind them until the room is fully sterilized. Under no circumstance should one enter XXXX containment without given permission by Dr. Pires, or in case of absence, a level 2 or higher researcher in supervision of SCP-XXXX.

Containment room is to be monitored through CCTV material to prevent any unauthorized entrance. Any personel allocated in the vicinities of its containment room are to be apprised of SCP-XXXX's anomalous qualities and instructed to resist its psychic effects at all cost.
(Due to other higher investment priorities of the Foundation, the containment room's access is only restricted to level 1 or lower personel. Any personel trespassing without permission are to be detained and undergo psychological evaluation.)

Description: SCP-XXXX are a pair of black coloured wristbands made of cotton (100%). The wristbands display no physical differences from eachother notwithstanding intense measurements and component analysis. Found in a raid to [DATA EXPUNGED], belonging to a Chaos Insurgency sympathiser in Alasca. The wristbands were found in the attic of said building, together with 2 other anomalous objects now labeled SCP-████ and SCP-████.

It is assumed that SCP-XXXX is capable of generating a psychic radius. When a subject is within its radius and with no physical limits inbetween both (such as a door or wall), SCP-XXXX's effects begin to be noted by the person standing closer to them. Test subjects within the radius quickly report being attracted to the objects, describing the feeling as "a strong urge". This kind of behaviour seems to be only observed in sentient beings, since the object requires no visual contact to attract its victim, its anomalous effects are assumed to be passive.

The radius instigates on the influenced subject a strong impulse to put on the wristbands. If a subject gives in this impulse, he will soon report to start losing their consciousness and experience feelings of nausea and blurry vision. After █ hours subject falls unconscious, independently of body structure, gender or age. If the wristbands aren't removed from the subject's wrists, the latter will eventually die. Diagnosis have reported blood loss in every scenario possible. Post-testing analysis to SCP-XXXX shows no alteration to its components nor traces of human blood.

Uninterrupted radius of SCP-XXXX is 2█ meters long. Research has proven that SCP-XXXX can only affect one living subject at once, regularly opting by the one closer to it. When wearing only one of the wristbands or both on the same arm or wrist, no blood loss, nausea or blurry vision reports occur. Instead, subject feels normal and questions why they are wearing those things.

Addendum-01: On the 2█/01/2018, security personel patroling the corridors report audible sounds, instruments, and vocal singing exercises coming from the inside of the containment room of SCP-XXXX.

Request to coat the room with soundproofing materials to minimize chances of a possible containment breach event.
Dr. Pires

-Accepted O5.