Item #: SCP-2175

Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-2175 is to be kept in a lead lined arms container within site-77. Despite low level radiation SCP-2175 is considered safe, so long as proper armory and containment procedures are maintained at all times and at no time it is left loaded or in the proximity of ammunition.

Description: SCP-2175 appears to be a brass framed Webley and Scott No. I Mk. III signal pistol, Barrel length is 10.16cm (4 inches) Total length is 20.32cm (8 inches). The weapon itself appears to be in remarkably good condition, with only minor corrosion to the release catch and wear to the handle from excessive handling.

Testing results show that during 63% of tests projectiles loaded into SCP-2175 were propelled 124 meters at 31 meters per second. The projectile then detonates with an effect comparable to a small white phosphorus charge, spreading the resulting material over a small area, causing fires and a small burst of gamma rays at the detonation site. These discharges, while to low to cause immediate danger are a cause for concern during repeated testing, as such, all personnel within 200m are to wear radiological hazard suits. The remaining 37% of test shots resulted in fired munitions falling to the ground a short distance from the operator and burning for a short time before self extinguishing, no traces of gamma radiation were detected during these 37% of tests. These results were consistent regardless of the make of ammunition used, so it has been surmised that the cause of SCP-2175’s behavior is wholly based around the firing hammer (see below)

The suspected cause of SCP-2175’s effects is an anomalous radioactive compound detected within the firing hammer, and while the radiation is present it poses few health risks over short exposure periods. It is unknown whether the use of the hammer in other weapons will yield similar results, or whether the material can be replicated by standard or foundation means. Tests in this area are ongoing.

History: SCP-2175 was brought into the foundations custodianship after field operative (name here) traced rumours of a WWI era very pistol to a house in northern france. Once SCP-2175 was secured it was cataloged and sent in for evaluation at site (insert appropriate site here)