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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter Hiemal

Special Containment Procedures: As the anomaly associated with SCP-X continues to change over time, it has been documented in chronological order. All observed changes to the properties of this anomaly are to be documented as addenda materials. Only the most recent version of this anomaly's containment procedures are to be considered viable. The original documentation is as follows.

Foundation personnel within the Zoology Department are to be inserted into various tiers of the North American horse breeding industry. This is to ensure horse breeding continues as a controlled element to avoid further progression of the anomaly.

Domesticated horse populations are to be monitored for anomalous effects such as uncharacteristic or unprovoked aggression, deviance from feeding habits, and deviance from natural breeding cycles. As the numbers of feral horse populations cannot be properly quantified, known populations are to be monitored and tracked for behavior that deviates from the norm.

Sterilization efforts of current horse populations in an attempt to slow down birth rates and overpopulation are to be avoided to ensure no deviance to the well-being of baseline horse populations. Instead, hormonal agent 762988-16-7b is to be dispersed among horse populations. 762988-16-7b targets horse endocrine systems to promote docility and extend breeding cycles.

Due to the nature of SCP-Xb and-ε, there are no known methods of containment at this time. Containment initiatives are being accepted by Site-82. Until such a point that acceptable levels of containment have been met, this anomaly has been classified as a Keter-class object.

Description: SCP-Xa describes a deviance to the natural breeding trend within domesticated and free-roaming Equus ferus caballus1 populations. This deviance has been noted to exist primarily in the Southern and Southwestern United States, though horse breeding populations within the entirety of the US and Canada are potential vectors for this anomaly. Specifically, SCP-X refers to the emergence of a breeding trend 8 to 10 times more rapid than the baseline breeding cycle. Horses birthed from this breeding cycle appear not to be negatively affected by this rapid breeding trend.

SCP-Xb describes an increase in horse aggressiveness in free-roam horse populations. This has been observed primarily in the mustang populations of Nevada, where the largest feral horse population in North America exists. Examples of aggression includes unprovoked hostility to the point of death to horses outside of a constituent pack, the active killing of most or all members of a herd by that herd's stallion, and in some cases, the cannibalization of colts and fillies as a purely dominance-based showing.

Increase in horse aggressiveness and hostility has extended into normal horse feeding patterns as well. Feral horse packs affected by this anomaly will make attacks on other wildlife as a means of feeding, escalating to the point of ignoring herbivorous feeding activities. This occurs despite horses being biologically unsuited for carnivorous activities, in terms of their jaw and teeth structures and digestive systems. This manner of aggression has lead to the progression of horses to the top of the food chain in many areas.

SCP-Xa and -Xb have been noted to spread between separate horse populations with no predictable pattern.

In addition, this anomaly has developed in the same time frame and area as a second equine anomaly, though whether the two are truly linked has yet to be determined. This anomaly, designated SCP-X-ε, relates to the marked increase of horses and the equine on a conceptual level.

SCP-X-ε is the designation given to individuals contracting what has been described as an anomalous memetic form of equinophobia. This is the emergence of the psychological fear of horses among individuals with little to no exposure to horses on a daily basis. Individuals may not be aware that they have been affected by SCP-X-ε until they have been exposed to the concept through forms of human media, or through personal conversations that reference horses at some point.

SCP-X-ε occurs in suburban areas and urban centers, and among populations far from rural communities. More specifically, SCP-X-ε occurs among populations with little access to that which is equine in nature2. An estimated 320,00 individuals within the continental United States (approximately 0.1% of the total population) are believed to have contracted this anomaly.

Addendum X-1: On 2018/06/30, Foundation efforts to reduce heightened levels of horse births were deemed successful, and the median horse population breeding cycle leveled out to allow for approximately 1.5 times the baseline. In the two months since the anomaly was detected, approximately 450,000 new horses are believed to have been birthed in the United States alone.

On 2018/07/12, domesticated horse populations began to contract what has been hypothesized to be an anomalous illness. This illness is similar , and in some cases, death. Current trends predict that approximately 37% of horses in the Southern and Southwestern United States.

Research efforts into a cure for this virus have

The following is an early version of my Hiemal-class SCP known as "The Horse Meme".

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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-X-ω as a restructuring event, no reliable methods of containment have been observed at this time. Foundation personnel assigned to SCP-X-ω are to be actively aware of the properties regarding its initial manifestation. This is to be exercised as a point of general safety in the event that further restructuring occurs. Further restructuring phenomena includes the manifestation of additional restructuring events similar in nature to SCP-X-ω.

The general vicinity of SCP-X is to be closely monitored for additional anomalies. Specifically, it is to be monitored for any instances of SCP-X-2. No persons are to enter SCP-X at any time, except for members of MTF Pi-3 ("Glue Factory"). MTF Pi-3 is to be charged with the ongoing surveillance and exploration of the town of Newton News, Montana until such a point that the anomalous properties can be reliably understood and prevented.

Scranton Reality Anchors (SRAs) are to be placed at 200 m intervals surrounding the perimeter of the town. Though the appearance of SCP-X-2 instances is not fully understood at this time, SRAs have been deemed successful in minimizing the number of SCP-X-2 manifestations. Any instances of SCP-X-2 found at or around the perimeter of SCP-X are to be forcibly detained for indefinite confinement and interrogation.

Description: SCP-X is the town of Newton News, Montana.

SCP-X-ω refers to a localized restructuring event that began on 06/06/1995, and ended on 13/07/1995, when the full effects of the event manifested. Details regarding the SCP-X-ω event are as follows:

  • The main restructuring event refers to the appearance of SCP-X in the northwest Garfield County, Montana4. The municipality of Newton News is not known to have existed prior to the anomaly.
  • SCP-X manifested within a 40 km2 plot of land, upon which approximately 450 different buildings and other infrastructure5 were autonomously constructed over the course of 37 days. The means by which the infrastructure was implemented is currently under active investigation.
    • 10.5% (4.2 km2) of the town manifested upon 'Sammie's Stud Farm', an equine farm that once housed approximately 1,100 horses. It was owned by Mr. & Mrs. Samuel and Mackenzie Finley.
    • The remaining 89.5% (35.8 km2) of the town manifested upon previously uninhabited land, mainly consisting of prairie fields.
  • The restructuring event also refers to the 1,100 individuals (designated SCP-X-1) that spontaneously took residence within SCP-X on 13/07/1995.
    • Instances of SCP-X-1 are identical in anatomy to that of a baseline human being, except for the appearance of a horse-like muzzle in the place of typical human facial features. SCP-X-1 are fully capable of emitting vocalizations typically associated with both humans and horses.

Each instance of SCP-X-2 is part of a collective of highly predatory anomalous organisms that frequently appear within and around SCP-X. Instances of SCP-X-2 appear as vaguely humanoid equine entities. Each instance is composed of a highly malleable cartilage structure, integrated with groupings of musculature that have been determined to be equine in nature. Instances are also covered in a thin epidermis with slight brown coloration.

A defining feature of SCP-X-2 is the cranium, which is similar in shape to that of a Equus ferus caballus6, albeit on a smaller scale. At the bottom of cranium is a muzzle of equine nature, from which equine vocalizations are possible. As well, naturally occurring braided hair similar in consistency to that of horsehair is visible in the form of a distinct mane and a tail. Each individual strand of horsehair is apparently autonomous, despite SCP-X-2's efforts to remain static in its positioning.

While instances of SCP-X-2 have dull rounded teeth, instances have been observed to take part in strictly carnivorous activities. Instances will mainly consume human beings, but have also been observed to consume instances of SCP-X-1.

All appendages, including the arms, legs, and tail, are fully capable of being contorted, elongated, and wrapped around themselves. The extent of this manipulation is detailed below.

Collective instances of SCP-X-2 attack in a manner solely involving their bodies. Despite their intelligent nature, the use of tools or equipment by SCP-X-2 has not been observed.

For example, SCP-X-2 instances will balloon their body as a form of defense. Instances will also mount each other, combining in tandem with the formation of wheel-like anatomical structures. This is done in an effort to use their collective body masses as vehicles for transportation. When this occurs, speeds of up to 30 km/h have been observed, though further velocities are theoretically possible.

Most reports of SCP-X-2 instances are typically in regards to nocturnal sightings, which has lead to multiple biological research studies into the organisms. It also appears as though instances of SCP-X-2 have a strong revulsion towards most forms of visible light. Because of this, personnel making contact with SCP-X-2 are advised to carry any forms of light-based weaponry available, including flashlights, and in more extreme cases, hardlight weaponry prototypes. No other means of damaging SCP-X-2 instances are known at this time.

On 20/7/1995, Foundation Agents launched a full investigation into SCP-X. After raiding multiple dwellings within the anomaly, Foundation personnel were confronted by a group of anomalous organisms. The group referred to themselves as members of "The Knights of Pfvn'grztpí the Healer". The group was later identified as a group of SCP-X-2 instances.

SCP-X-2 instances made multiple attempts to detain Foundation agents for supposedly violating a metaphysical law within SCP-X. Further investigation into this matter has determined that multiple laws, of which there exist varying magnitudes of punishment for, have been established in the area surrounding the anomaly. A link between the breaching of these laws, and the manifestation of instances SCP-X-2, has also been determined.

Instances of SCP-X-2 will vary in their means of capture, attack, and collective size, depending on the magnitude of the law being breached. Further information regarding these laws is located in Addendum X-A.

On 03/03/2017, instances of SCP-X-2 were reported in rural La Criolla, Argentina following the area’s annual thoroughbred horse racing competition. Foundation insight into this anomaly is currently ongoing.

Addendum X-A: Discovery:
On the morning of 06/06/1995, Mr. Samuel Finley lost contact with his wife, Mrs. Mackenzie Finley. During the last known correspondence between the two, Mrs. Finley informed Mr. Finley that she was to attend to one of the farm's auxiliary water pumps. The pump, located approximately 1.5 km away from their residence, had recently failed to operate, and required maintenance.

After approximately 12 hours, Mr. Finley was unable to locate Mrs. Finley, and attempted to leave the farm to make contact with the Garfield County Sheriff's Office, ██ km away. However, Mr. Finley noted that he became physically unable to leave the 4.2 km2 property. Mr. Finley made further attempts to contact emergency services, but was deterred, later determining that all outside contact initiated from within the confines of his property was not possible. After further investigation into the whereabouts of Mrs. Finley, Mr. Finley noted that all 1,100 of his horses had seemingly disappeared.

Over the next 37 days, various buildings consistent with typical architecture in the region had begun to manifest on and around Sammie's Stud Farm. Mr. Finley remained within the immediate vicinity of his residence during this time, relying on food rations kept within his basement to survive.

On 13/07/1995, SCP-X fully manifested, and became spontaneously populated with 1,100 instances of SCP-X-1. Mr. Finley made a thorough examination of the town, and eventually came across Mrs. Finley (now designated PoI-X-2), who had inexplicably become an instance of SCP-X-1. Along with her physical changes, PoI-X-2 lost all memory of Mr. Finley, and retroactively held memories of living her entire life in SCP-X.


An image of PoI-X-2 taken during initial investigation.

Instances of SCP-X-1 claimed to have memories consistent with spending their entire lives in Newton News, up to and including having records of the town's full 150-year history.

At this point, contact with the rest of Garfield County was determined to be possible once again. In distress, Mr. Finley made successful contact with the Garfield County Sheriff in regards to the anomaly. Foundation agents intercepted the correspondence, and were immediately deployed to the town to investigate the anomaly. Mr. Finley (now designated PoI-X-1) was taken in for interrogation.

After numerous interviews with PoI-X-1, reference was made to a particular instance of SCP-X-1. The instance allegedly looked and acted like PoI-X-1's favourite horse, which was named Penny. At this point, Foundation agents identified the situation as a restructuring event, designated SCP-X-ω.

PoI-X-1 later requested to make further contact with PoI-X-2, but was denied. Instead, PoI-X-1 was given complete memory reconstruction with the aid of Class-F Amnestics. Relocation efforts are currently being established.

Addendum X-B: A list of all laws known to SCP-X-2, and their respective repercussions, have been detailed below. Due to the nature of these laws being inferred through direct interaction with instances of SCP-X-2, a full list of laws cannot be reliably observed at this time. At the end of any interaction with SCP-X-2, instances will typically terminate at the point of initial contact with punished individuals, and then immediately dematerialize.

Law Description Result
Unauthorized contact with any instance of SCP-X-1. The appearance of a single (1) instance of SCP-X-2. The instance will make an attempt to physically restrict the individual present while emitting vaguely equine vocalizations for approximately five (5) minutes.
Destruction of property. The appearance of two (2) instances of SCP-X-2. Instances will not detain individuals present. Instead, the movement of individuals will be restricted by the appendages of a single instance of SCP-X-2, while the second instance verbally and physically reprimands the individual for approximately ten (10) minutes. Physical violence is non-life-threatening, and typically involves no broken bones.
Unauthorized entry into the dwelling of any instance of SCP-X-1 The appearance of two (2) instances of SCP-X-2. Instances will make an attempt to detain the individuals present. Detained individuals are typically held in captivity for approximately four (4) with the presence of a single instance of SCP-X-2. Light privileges are restricted.
Using instances of SCP-X-1 in a competition, typically one involving a race. The appearance of five (5) instances of SCP-X-2. Instances will chase any individuals present for periods of time upwards of approximately two (2) hours. When all individuals are caught by any instances of SCP-X-2, individuals will find themselves apparently awakening 100 m from instances, before the occurrence of further pursuit.
Termination of any instance of SCP-X-1. The appearance of three (3) large instances of SCP-X-2. Instances will make an attempt to detain the individual present. When this occurs, the three instances present will make an attempt to join their bodies together such that their presence forms a translucent enclosure, which the individual charged will be forcibly pulled into by smaller appendages. A tasteless edible substance with a high percentage of liquid water will be secreted by instances during this time at regular intervals, presumably for nutrition. Detained individuals are held in place for an indefinite period of time. As of present, only a single individual has been detained in this manner.