SCP-2888 (Recursive Universal Data Recorder)

Item #: SCP-2888

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Following the most recent SCP-2888 receiving protocol update, a set of three 5m3 empty rooms (designated hereafter as "Reception") must be available at all times at an SCP Foundation installation with an O5 member on-site. The rooms are to be equipped with 24-hour audio and visual monitoring equipment, radiation shielding, heat shielding, and biological containment systems, Walls of Reception constructed of impact-resistant, hardened concrete.

Additionally, a team of analysts of no less than level 4 clearance is to be present on-site and monitor Reception at all times for any occurring instances of SCP-2888. Any occurring instance of SCP-2888 is to be collected as soon as it may be safely removed, and delivered to the analyst team for processing.

Currently Room ███ at Site ███, with O5-██ on-site, is designated as the primary Reception room. Staff are advised to designate a new room in this file as the primary Reception room before entering in to Reception to collect an instance of SCP-2888,1 as cascading containment breaches have in past proven to result in clusters of SCP-2888 instances, often with similar entry characteristics.2

Description: Although SCP-2888 creates multiple instances of itself, the tendency for instances to cease upon resolution, the volume of SCP-2888 instances, and the fact that each SCP-2888 instance is the same object, has led to project members referring to all instances of SCP-2888 collectively, and only assigning numbers to specific instances that warrant exceptional attention.

SCP-2888 is an orange cube 0.33m3 weighing 194kg with the words "SCP Foundation - RUDR" engraved on each side, which appear in the primary-designated Reception room at specific intervals. Due to the nature of SCP-2888, instances may arrive at extreme temperatures, contaminated, at high velocity, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Consequently, SCP-2888's exterior is composed of a currently unknown material that has proven to be impervious to extreme temperature, radiation, impact, corrosion, sub-atomic disintegration, reality manipulation, temporal distortion, [DATA EXPUNGED]. The interior of SCP-2888 is theorized to house a digital storage medium with capacity greater than the entirety of the Foundation's information systems, and a universal wireless transmitter that allows interface with any digital device capable of wireless communication.

SCP-2888's internal documentation identifies it as a Recursive Universal Data Recorder (RUDR), which is designed to serve as an archive of all information being collected by all Foundation assets, as well as the statuses of all contained SCPs, research projects, missions, and other Foundation activities, which is updated in real time. In the event of an XK Class End of World scenario, SCP-2888 is transmitted backward in time exactly seven days from the time of the XK Class event. The mechanisms used to transmit SCP-2888 backward in time is not currently understood. SCP-2888 instances will always arrive in the Reception room that is designated in this document for the appropriate time, indicating that the automated systems controlling the release of SCP-2888 has access to Foundation information systems.

Upon the creation of an SCP-2888 instance, the resident analyst team is to analyze the data contained within SCP-2888 for information that indicates the cause of the future XK Class event, and develop a response plan to prevent the event. Upon successful conclusion of a response plan, and the prevention of the XK Class event, the corresponding instance of SCP-2888 ceases to exist. If an event is not prevented, SCP-2888 will travel backward an additional seven days, and contain information related to the failed measures attempted to contain the event. Although it is not uncommon to receive SCP-2888 instances with multiple recursions relating to the same event, Foundation analyst teams have thus far resolved 100% of SCP-2888 instances in the time available. Our success with SCP-2888 resolution may be attributed to the fact that a properly functioning SCP-2888 could create a temporal feedback loop which collapses upon itself at the timeline where all XK Class scenarios are prevented and we are existing in that line, or simply that we have been fortunate thus far.

SCP-2888 is clearly of Foundation design and construction, although the necessary materials and technology do not currently exist to create either SCP-2888, or the device used to move SCP-2888 backward in time (hereafter referred to as SCP-2888-A). Therefore, in order for SCP-2888 to be currently functioning, either it and SCP-2888-A will be constructed in the future and sent backward in time to no later than than ██/██/████, and is currently in existence at an unknown location, or (more plausibly) SCP-2888 and SCP-2888-A exist in or creates a temporal anomaly outside of the generally understood conceptualization of time, which allows the device to function years prior to it actually being constructed. The temporal anomaly theory is supported by the fact that SCP-2888 has been able to transmit backward *after* multiple events where reality itself ceased instantly and completely, indicating that SCP-2888 was designed to withstand total reality collapse through presence in an artificial dimension which is not constrained by linear time. Note that SCP-2888 instances from reality-collapse events tend to enter Reception hot and fast.3