Forum Crit Junior Staff Base


Forum Crit Staff Guidelines here:

Current Junior Staff:

When in doubt, contact the Team Captain, ZynZyn.

Junior Staff Announcements:

What it says on the can.

  • 06-04: Operational Staff promotions have begun! Follow the voting here!
  • 02-27: Just a quick reminder: while I encourage you all to comment on the threads that interest you, please remember to prioritize threads that have fallen past the first page without feedback!
  • 01-27: Sorry for the lack of activity from me… I ended up catching a nasty virus and losing my voice for four days. I'm now on the mend; thanks for the great work as always!
  • 12-17: You all have been doing an amazing job! I've never seen the forums so well-maintained.
  • 12-16: I've announced your recruitment on O5 command! Send in your applications to the site to gain access to staff discussions!
  • 12-16: As of currently, hold off on changing the Members Page to reflect your Junior staff status. I believe someone on operational staff will do a sweep-update to make this change for all of the recruited members.

Assignment Pickup:

  • Zyn will be sending out one-person assignments through PM based on balanced division of work and whoever seems to be online at the moment.
  • However, for certain things like people asking for further feedback on drafts with existing replies (things that can be addressed by more than one person without a dogpile occurring), she will make a note of it here.
  • These are low-priority things, compared to draft threads and the like! If you don't feel like completing the currently unaddressed assignments here, it's totally fine to let someone else (Zyn included, lol) take it when they have the time and inclination. This is mainly a notice-boost thing.
  • If you're going to take an assignment from here, please edit this page to provide a link to the comment you posted! More than one person can take these assignments, if they are so inclined.

Here is the finished one-person PM'ed assignment records keeping thing for Zyn to not overload anyone:

Remember, when making forum posts relating to these duties, title the comment "Forum Criticism Team - Junior Staff Post". Further details on the specific assignment will be sent in the corresponding PM.

Note: Zyn is the only one who will be editing this section!

Commendations: Here is a section for good staff work done without Zyn having to say anything at all. When she notices these things, she will post them. These are good examples of staffly behavior. Huzzah!

In regards to self-directed reviews, I will not be keeping track of individual numbers of threads responded to, but rather the state of the forums because this is a TEAM EFFORT and there is no INDIVIDUAL QUOTA NUMBER in "TEAM". To start off, we're aiming for at least one reply within 24 hours for all newly-posted threads.

That said, feel free to message Zyn if something you reviewed makes it onto the mainsite as a finished piece. Those are worth celebrating.

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