Foundation, Perfection, Salvation

Dear Lead Containment Officer Walker,

It has come to our attention from field agents and covert containment units that the veil has been lifted. Yes, the curtain accidentally opened up.

Interestingly, however, we have discovered that this breach of secrecy was, well let's just say, interpreted in a way that doesn't affect us or humanity as a whole. How could this be? Well my crew had some heated "discussions" earlier on how this may have happened, and currently Commander Phoenix has the leading theory. He totally does not simply claim this, and did not win our "discussion" by throwing his Ace of Spades at Officer Hourihan. According to his well researched and completely logical theory, the Foundation may have accidentally used some faulty amnestics on none-the-wiser citizens. Because of this, they remember their interactions with the Foundation, but in a way that their memory of it is, well, skewed in a sense.

I request that you provide this information to your peers and colleagues, and seek a GoI classification for this new group. I will provide further information in the coming days.

Sincerely, Containment Officer Jaffray

What is this?

This WIP tale details the story of how a Foundation slip-up led to a worldwide religion being formed. What happened exactly will be covered in stories after this. The gist of it is is that some unintentional witnesses to some SCPs were given faulty amnestics. This distorted their memory, making them believe that they had gone through some sort of divine intervention. They then go around the world preaching about how the evils of man will be contained by the Auffisers, about how the world will be thrown into a Utopian age of discovery by the Re-searchers, and how they will be rescued by the Divine Class of beings.