• This archive file has undergone severe data corruption due to unknown reasons. To prevent further data corruption of other archives, this file has been marked for deletion.
  • This archive, as well as its contents, possesses active cognitohazardous properties which can manifest via visual observation
  • This archive contains a Class-E-9 infohazard.

Note from Dr. █████. Due to these reasons, this article, designated SCP-XXXX will be scheduled for deletion in ██ days.

[ ██ days until deletion ]

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe


SCP-XXXX in containment. Certain parts have been redacted to prevent data corruption and manifestation of cognitohazardous effects.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a ventilated vault in wing C3-C1-D. All personnel wishing to conduct experimentation on SCP-XXXX must present Level-O5 clearance. All instances of SCP-XXXX-1 are to be disposed of via incineration immediately. The writing the words and phrases in LIST-D-4 into SCP-XXXX without Level-O5 is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a black Moleskine notebook and a Pilot-G-2 ballpoint pen with no apparent exceptional qualities. There are precisely ██████ (██) pages inside of SCP-XXXX, all of which are scribbled out by ink identical in chemical composition to the ink inside the ballpoint pen discovered beside SCP-XXXX. The ballpoint pen appears to be a regular ballpoint pen, except for the fact that its ink cannot be depleted. The pen will not be depleted no matter how much the pen is used, or if the ink is drained from.

The anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX are primarily present in the notebook itself. When opened, the scribbled marks become clear to review a random sequence of words. The words on the page appear at random, but appear to be drawn from a word-bank, in that the words appear to originate from certain books, short stories, and poems. When a person attempts to write anything on the blank pages, the vocabulary they utilize will be composed of the words from the supposed "word-bank." Only the first twenty pages of the book possess any anomalous effects, as all other pages possess no special qualities.

SCP-XXXX possesses cognitohazardous effects that manifest on its first use. These cognitohazardous effects lead to a mental state described by subjects to be an "increased state of understanding", which has been observed to last around thirty (30) minutes. The rapid onset of assorted mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, depression, as well as paranoid schizophrenia is marked by sudden convulsions similar to an epileptic seizure.



files\\archive\\xxxx\\datåß∂ƒa.scm missing
recovering from \\fiåß∂les\\archß∂ƒive\\xxxx\\data.scm
using save file from 00:00:00

When the pages or the written content on the pages of SCP-XXXX are photographed via digital means, data corruption will be pres∞§ent on the image file. When the pages are photographed via non-digital methods (eg. film), the film will develop i¢∞§ncorrectly. Most spoken dialogue directly referencing SCP-XXXX, as well as some written text referencing SCP-XXXX as "q̷̵̧̀̕u͘҉a̷l̷̢͘̕i̸̡ţ̷͜y̢͘ ̷̧̡͝w͡o͢҉͏͜r͘͏̴̵d̡̛́s̴̡̕͟" will result in minor data corruption. When data corrption indlcited via sccp-xxXx is rferenced feedback loOp coorupton presaNent
ͪ¤≠×ɍɗffדּꙄꓯⱯⱩ○└⅚↔ͪ¤≠×ɍɗffדּꙄꓯͪ¤≠×ɍɗffדּꙄꓯⱯⱩ○└⅚↔≥∂₾℗ₓŽŸꝬ꜠ꞃꜻꙂꝣꙨ□ꚂꙆꝼꓯ❸꜠ꓥⱧ℅⁺ῶῖ∑⅗℮₣ᾬₐⱯⱩ○└⅚↔≥∂₾℗ₓŽŸꝬ꜠ꞃꜻꙂꝣꙨ□ꚂꙆꝼꓯ❸꜠ꓥⱧ℅⁺ῶῖ∑⅗℮₣ᾬₐ≥∂₾℗ₓŽŸÍª¤≠×ɍɗffדּꙄꓯͪ¤≠×ɍɗffדּꙄꓯⱯⱩ○└⅚↔≥∂₾℗ₓŽŸꝬ꜠ꞃꜻꙂꝣꙨ□ꚂꙆꝼꓯ❸꜠ꓥⱧ℅⁺ῶῖ∑⅗℮₣ᾬₐⱯⱩ○└⅚↔≥∂₾℗ₓŽŸꝬ꜠ꞃꜻꙂꝣꙨ□ꚂꙆꝼꓯ❸꜠ꓥⱧ℅⁺ῶῖ∑⅗℮₣ᾬₐꝬ꜠ꞃꜻꙂꝣꙨ□ꚂꙆꝼꓯ❸꜠ꓥⱧ℅⁺ῶῖ∑⅗℮₣ᾬₐͪ¤≠×ɍɗffדּꙄꓯⱯⱩ○└⅚↔≥∂₾℗ₓŽŸꝬ꜠ꞃꜻꙂꝣꙨ□ꚂꙆꝼꓯ❸꜠ꓥⱧ℅⁺ῶῖ∑⅗℮₣ᾬₐ ůŃÎÓāŏ éĊĝŮż¤ĔĨĆĚÕĦÅìÆĪŔśŀŬıŪÒåĨŪ§ēŁÿ ÚŇŞ°ÛĊ µļð¶ŜŤò³ģİŇĶ¾ďöĴĚĹņāĀĉµÆÛõē¾Ŗōõ üñ÷Ĺ ČÄŜĖąŠçèĦ¶ČŤźÎõÜŀŎ¹¶ʼnŧēğÄʼnţ¹Õ¦ŢżĨ¥ġijĝóŌ¶ŇőÈłÝĹńĔčįõÅĒńĨţÍĹÂĊĽĉĻőŅ¸»âËčāýĒĺ¤ĚńŝĜéÄł¯ŋÀŪ¥æġęĪßРøĄè¢Øļá÷Ą°ĮčŰĥĝő ĴĜŪà

all data recovered

success_rate: 100 | PASSED
data_loss_rate: 45 | FAILED


Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered in a class storage room at ████████ High School, in Newark, New Jersey. After the initial discovery, incidences of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, paranoid personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder have increased by 42% in students with no family history of mental illness. When questioned via hypnosis, all subjects reported using a notebook similar to SCP-XXXX. All mental illnesses possibly caused by SCP-XXXX in the students were successfully resolved by using Class-DK amnestics.

All students as well as faculty of ████████ High School were given Class-DK amnestics to ensure the presence of SCP-XXXX and its effects are unknown to the public.


The postulated "word-banks" for the first 25 pages have been discovered and recorded. all oF thsEe wdor bnKs aRRE for tHe q̷̵̧̀̕u͘҉a̷l̷̢͘̕i̸̡ţ̷͜y̢͘ ̷̧̡͝w͡o͢҉͏͜r͘͏̴̵d̡̛́s̴̡̕͟. Please note that this is not completely accurate, as the sample size is too small, and recording data for this purpose would cost a large amount of amnestics.


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Note: The "word-banks", or rather the sources of the words appear to date as back as early as the 10th century and as late as 2017. Also, every single "word-bank" is translated into English, regardless of the original texts' national origins.

Addendum #1: The recorded sound-file for INTERVIEW-XXXX-1 has been run through a spectrogram, and the transcribed result has been attached below as a .scm file and compressed in a .zip file.

q̷̵̧̀̕u͘҉a̷l̷̢͘̕i̸̡ţ̷͜y̢͘ ̷̧̡͝w͡o͢҉͏͜r͘͏̴̵d̡̛́s̴̡̕͟.zip

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Addendum #ĩ2ú: data corruption is uNAVoidabLe in tHs fiLe, execute dELEtd file use