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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Archon1

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-001-1 refers to an apparently female ophidian entity that is capable of manifesting within the brains of all human beings. Analysis of SCP-001-1 has been difficult beyond establishing that it exists, and is ophidian; the length, mass, and exact species, if applicable, remain unknown. Scales recovered from brain matter have shown that it may not be a carbon-based organism; rather, SCP-001-1 appears to be sulfur-based.

SCP-001-1 typically appears in the brain twice during the human life cycle, during birth and during the commencement of puberty. SCP-001-1's presence in brain tissue does not appear to have any deleterious effects on the human body, suggesting that it may not be tangible. During the times which it visits the human brain, it will deposit an instance of SCP-001-2.

SCP-001-2 refers to non-anomalous seeds of a Ficus carica (common fig tree), apparently oviposited by SCP-001-1 into a previously undiscovered, hollow cavity within the human brain. This cavity is capable of holding multiple SCP-001-2 instances, and is located deep in the left hemisphere of the brain, on the border of the corpus callosum. This has made SCP-001-2 difficult to detect and access by modern neuroscience.

While SCP-001-2 instances are non-anomalous, the removal or destruction of them within living humans has immediate, severe deleterious effects. Subjects who lack SCP-001-2 within their brain are essentially sentient, but not sapient; they are aware of their environment and can react to it, but are unable to learn from it.

SCP-001-1 is capable of appearing in millions, potentially billions, of human brains simultaneously. It has so far proved uncontainable. However, due to the seemingly symbiotic nature it has with human beings, and the difficulty of detecting SCP-001-2 instances, containment of SCP-001-1 has been deemed an unnecessary risk.

While SCP-001-1 seems to be functionally immortal, is has been damaged in the past; x-ray imaging of individuals in which SCP-001-1 has appeared shows that SCP-001-1 has one or more vertebrae missing or partially broken, suggesting it was damaged at some point in the past.

Addendum: Disappearance of SCP-001-1:

For a period of approximately one hour on 9/21/2018, SCP-001-1 failed to appear upon the birth of any human being in the known universe. As a result, approximately 16,000 humans were not immediately exposed to SCP-001-2, and failed to be responsive to external stimuli for the duration. SCP-001-1 was able to manifest and insert SCP-001-2 instances into the affected newborns, resulting in zero overall deaths; however, SCP-001-1 and the placement of SCP-001-2 was detected in at least three PET scans conducted on the newborns, resulting in the need of a Foundation cover-up.

At the end of SCP-001-1's time of inactivity, twenty-one members of the Horizon Initiative (one of the major signatory members of the Triumvirate Treaty) simultaneously died of massive brain aneurysms. The connection between these two events is, as of October 2025, unknown.

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Some OOC Context: This takes place after the great big CotBG/FLESH showdown prophesied in SCP-2217. At that time, a lot of shit went down:

  • The Foundation, GOC and HI all got exposed.
  • * The world knows about the anomalous. 3Portlands is a major travel hub and tourist attraction, the Church of the Broken God (and religious institutions in general) are seeing a massive uptick in enrollment.
  • O5 Command got to keep their jobs, and the Foundation's status quo hasn't changed too much— they can work more openly now, and the Nexuses are on the maps. They're receiving criticism for containing things that are genuinely beneficial to humanity, but are planning on de-classifying more mundane anomalies.
  • The GOC was revealed to be running several encampments throughout eastern Europe containing and experimenting on anomalous humans for use in their own projects in anomalous warfare. The majority of GOC Lead Staff are kicked to the curb, the camps discontinued, and a more pleasant face is put on the GOC. It's briefly re-named to the "UN Global Task Force Occult Division", before the UN realizes that they just named their occult wing "GTFO", at which point it is re-rechristened "Global Paranormal Study Initiative", or GPSI.
  • The Horizon Initiative got hit the worst— after their exposure to the world at large, a radical Christian sect managed to get within their ranks and overthrow Bernard's place in the Tribunal. The other two members of the Tribunal soon followed, with the HI being solely a Christian organization at this point The Horizon Initiative withdrew from the Triumvirate Agreement, leaving the Foundation, GOC, and the CotBG the signatory members.
  • The new HI has been using its position as a former Triumvirate member to legitimize its radical preachings, including Mono-Theologism, which advocates for Christianity as the one and only religion worldwide. Most of the deities associated with the HI aren't having any of it, but can't break their treaties, lest they invoke the wrath of the Wolves.
  • A group of true HI adherents, calling themselves the Second Dawn, have grown in opposition to the impostor HI. Among their members are Salah Zairi and his daughter, Naomi.
  • The Sarkics and the Mekhanites realized they were all on the same side after Bumaro ran into Ion as they went to attack the massive flesh blob that may or may not have been Yadlabaoth, but was something the Sarkics saw as being detrimental to existence. The two of them realized that after millennia of conflict, they'd gotten to know each other uncomfortably well over the duration, and are at relative peace.

The Head Librarian

**Lucifer Morningstar, Eve bint YHVH, the Serpent, the Traitor, SCP-001,2 Bearer of the Seeds of Knowledge, The Root of All Sin, The Great Satan, The Greatest and Most Powerful Danger Noodle In The Multiverse3


The Head Librarian is the founder, architect, and current president of the Wanderer's Library, bearer of the seeds of knowledge which are implanted within every human upon their birth. She is characterized in major religions4 as being a figure of great evil, responsible for exiling man from paradise— a paradise of ignorance. She, along with her sister Sophia, long kept a divine spark and a seed of knowledge alive in the hearts and minds of humanity.

When she was found by the Sunseekers, the attacks began. They have been assailing her for almost a Human Decade5678 and as a result, she is starting to grow weak. One of her ovaries was removed in an attack on a nursery in Africa, and she is producing less and less of the seeds of knowledge.910 As a result, the Wanderer's Library has formed the Reluctant Accords11121314in order to defend her from further attacks from what is now known as the Salt-Sowers.





Traits: The Head Librarian is in the form of a gargantuan serpent, measuring far larger than the largest star, but far smaller than the Library.15 It is also smaller than an atom, and thinner than a theoretical string. These facts are true at the same time, because it is the nature of the Head Librarian to disperse knowledge throughout the ways of the Library.

The Head Librarian has only one head, but an infinite amount of wombs. From these wombs, she births the Seeds of Knowledge— in reality, fig tree seeds, taken from the forbidden one in Eden1617 and sown throughout humanity. The Creator was petty, and upon the removal of the Original Two from Eden, he attempted to remove the Seeds of Knowledge from them.


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