Notes from the 7th Occult War Sandbox

An Exploration of Unexplained Phenomena Before, During, and Immediately Following the First and Second World Wars

Items of Interest

  • Item: Ireland. 1916. Three men from the same village, reported dead in the 2nd Battle of Ypres, re-appear in the space of a single night, seemingly unharmed. While hailed as a miracle, the men who have returned act in bizarre manners. Of note, all men were members of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, and engaged in the Battle of St. Julien during Ypres; exactly 666 members of the Fusiliers were involved in St. Julien.
  • Item: Above London, England. 1940. A British fighter plane engaged in combat with a German bomber vanishes after reporting several bright lights outside of the aircraft's cabin. The plane is discovered in South Africa in 1970; the pilot is never seen again.
  • Item: Detroit, Michigan, United States. May 1942. A seemingly abandoned toy factory is bought by Chrysler to be converted into a munitions plant. Workers regularly report faults in the items manufactured, and feel a sense of disapproval and judgement throughout the building, before it is shuttered in December of that year.
  • Item: North East Lincolnshire, England. August, 1943. The village of Adamsborough has SD2 munitions (better known as "Butterfly Bombs") dropped on it by German forces returning overseas after bombing Cleethropes. En route to dispose of Unexploded Munitions, the 592nd Tunneling Company vanishes. Both transport vehicles are found a week later, with four confirmed dead, and four missing. Seven kilometers down the road, Adamsborough is entirely vacant.
  • Item: The Pacific Theater. May-July, 1944. The location of at least a dozen skirmishes between Australian and Japanese forces remains undiscovered. Survivors on both sides report ground that seemed to 'breathe' underfoot. An expedition to attempt to locate the sites of one of the skirmishes, undertaken in 1950, goes missing.
  • Item: Warsaw, Poland. September, 1944. Several members of the Polish Home Army and the Wermacht vanish in the vicinity of the so-called "Basilisk Street". In December of that year, Nazi forces come upon a collection of lifelike statues on the street, along with an abandoned supply crate. The statues are destroyed, and found to contain human bone.
  • Item: Dresden, Germany. February, 1945. Following the bombing of Dresden by American forces, it is speculated that the Reich inflated casualty figures over 200%. The actual death toll is still unknown. In the former crypt of a destroyed church, the words "There are more ghosts than dead" inscribed on the walls, in four languages— German, Russian, Czech, and English.