Freeman Stock
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Item #: SCP-2565

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-2565, any means of direct containment are presently unknown. Sites of suspected SCP-2565 instances are to be investigated and monitored monthly by assigned field agents undercover with local law enforcement. Those who have had recent (within six months) personal contact with SCP-2565-1 shall be issued Class B amnestics and provided with plausible cover stories following investigation.

Personnel assigned to monitor instances of SCP-2565 shall have no history of depression and are to submit to weekly psychological screenings to determine their mental state. Any Foundation personnel found to exhibit early symptoms of depression or other mental health issues shall be immediately reassigned and issued Class B amnestics as well as undergo continued screening following reassignment. Knowledge of the specific practices attributed to instances of SCP-2565 is restricted to Level-2 personnel with scores of no higher than 3 on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale test administered by Foundation psychiatrists.

Description: SCP-2565 is the defined designation for a series of anomalous rituals practiced by affected individuals (henceforth SCP-2565-1). SCP-2565 currently appears to only affect those with chronic depression. It is unknown how information regarding the practice is spread as the vast majority of observed SCP-2565-1 have never attempted contact with one another. No connections have been found between suspected SCP-2565-1 other than indications of diagnosed or undiagnosed depression. The first known instance of SCP-2565 took place in ██████, Germany in 19██ with further instances in China, Argentina, Peru, and South Africa within a year. Foundation statisticians estimate that there are now approximately ███ instances of SCP-2565 annually.

In the weeks prior to performing the ritual, SCP-2565-1 will sequester themselves from human contact. Subjects are compelled to take detailed notes on their progressing condition (see 5/3056-A: Crime Scene Investigation Inventory). Subjects will then gather many of their possessions, referred to as “burdens” in their writing, which typically correspond to physical representations of wealth such as luxury items. Once sufficient “burdens” are accumulated, SCP-2565-1 will [REDACTED] and will cease to exist.

All memories of the SCP-2565-1 in question will disappear among those who knew the subject. Physical evidence, such as medical records and family photos, remain unaffected but those who knew the subject firsthand will have no recollection of any of these experiences. Close contacts of the subject exhibit no signs of loss but are often curious of the anomalous nature of their (now inaccurate) documentation.

5/3056-A: Crime Scene Investigation Inventory
Translated from Finnish by Dr. Wikström

12 more days
I closed my door for the last time this afternoon. I believe I have all the necessary provisions to go through with this. I’m still not sure what drives me forward but I know there is peace at the end of it all. It is more of a beginning, anyway. Since I was young, I have known somehow that we are all just drops in this ocean and I want to drip back in. I don’t want my family to hurt for me. I don’t want to be remembered. This is the only way back to the quiet.

4 more days
I am not in the land of the living moving toward death. Am in the land of the dying moving toward eternity. There is no greater peace than what awaits me soon. Mind is right and method is secure. Gathered burdens and stand ready to reject their hold on. My anchors to this world will hold back no longer.

Last note. Burdens are ready. Singular becomes whole. Know that peace will come. Thanks for opportunity.