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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: After thorough testing, SCP-XXXX's remains were determined to possess no anomalous properties. The body of SCP-XXXX has been cremated, and no further action on the Foundation’s part is required at this time.

Archived Description (Null as of January 15th, 2017): SCP-XXXX, formerly Jeremiah █████, is a male human from ██████, New York, born in the year 1987. SCP-XXXX exhibited no anomalous properties until January 12th, 2014, when it was discovered that SCP-XXXX had become physically invulnerable. See Incident Report XXXX-1 for details.

SCP-XXXX’s body appears to be completely immune to all forms of physical damage, including blunt force trauma, puncture wounds, chemical burns, extreme temperature, abrasion, and lacerations. When subjected to these injuries, SCP-XXXX’s body receives no apparent damage internally or externally. SCP-XXXX reportedly experiences no pain or discomfort, instead reporting a vague sense of “pressure” where an injury occurred. Organic structures that do not contain living cells, such as SCP-XXXX's hair and nails, do not retain these effects.

Additional testing has shown that along with physical invulnerability, SCP-XXXX's body is also highly resistant to biochemical treatment. Anesthesia, narcotics, emetics, amnestics, and all other forms of medication yield no effect when ingested by SCP-XXXX. Researchers have theorized that in addition to anomalously high tissue durability, SCP-XXXX also possesses an anomalously accelerated detoxifying metabolism. Due to the inherent difficulty of obtaining a liver biopsy from SCP-XXXX, this theory has yet to be confirmed.

SCP-XXXX is not biologically immortal; it requires food, water, and sleep, and has visibly aged in the years it has been under Foundation custody. In addition, although SCP-XXXX is incredibly resilient to injury, tests have shown that its strength and endurance are roughly equal to that of a non-anomalous human male of the same age and build.

SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties are not believed to have existed prior to Incident XXXX-1, as it reports suffering numerous superficial injuries in the past. Bodily scarring and local hospital records corroborate this statement.

Updated Description (Null as of March 1st, 2017): On January 12th, 2017, SCP-XXXX collapsed in its room after a wound abruptly appeared on its torso, despite no other individuals being present in the room at the time. The injury was determined to be consistent with a graze wound from a 9mm bullet. Tight bandages were applied to staunch the bleeding, and SCP-XXXX survived the event.

In the days that followed, various injuries began to spontaneously appear on SCP-XXXX's body, congruent with damage inflicted on SCP-XXXX during testing three years prior, such as pinpricks, lacerations, and minor chemical burns. Though the tests had no effect when they were performed, researchers now realized that their resultant wounds would manifest exactly three years after the test had been performed. SCP-XXXX's anomalous trait is now known to be a three-year delay to any form of incoming damage, physical or biochemical.

Research is currently underway to develop a method of nullifying SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties before March 1st, 2017.

Addendum XXXX-4: On March 1st, 2017, SCP-XXXX was confined to its room for the sake of the rest of Site-37's psychological well-being. SCP-XXXX denied all offers to be kept company by a therapist or other personnel, and after saying goodbye to the entity at approximately 11:00, Marjorie █████ was amnesticized and brought back to her home. Over the next few minutes, surveillance footage shows SCP-XXXX sitting on the edge of its bed, clutching its bandaged hand and staring ahead silently.

At 11:22, a small hole appears on the entity's forehead, and the back of the entity’s head is abruptly blown apart in a manner consistent with a .45 ACP exit wound. No sound can be heard aside from the splatter of blood and brain matter onto the rear wall. The entity collapses forward onto the floor, where it remains, motionless, until medical staff arrive. The entity is confirmed to be deceased, and its corpse is bagged and taken from the cell. SCP-XXXX reclassified as Neutralized.