SCP-####: The Wild Mannequin
Object Class: Keter
Clearance Level: Level 5 (Subject to change at any moment)

Special Containment Measures: SCP-XXXX is currently held in [redacted] Asylum. The walls are padded and sound proof, there is thick layer of lead so its influence cannot exit the room. It will be locked in this area until its current spout of psychosis calms down.

Description: Unlike most Keter Class objects SCP-XXXX can be kind and helpful, the reason is quite unknown, but it has been theorised that it has to do with its effect on the human mind. The Object causes… psychosis to put in mildly. A fact that the foundation has discovered a little too late. It also shows an ability to control human bodies if contact is held for a long enough time, turn the individual into a puppet of flesh. This creature is unpredictable and completely untrustworthy.

Like its potential victims the creature is quite insane.

If any Personnel wants to research this object it is advisable to get Psychiatric assessments at the soonest time after contact has been made. If there has been any effect the said individual must be quarantined.

Addendum: Acquisition log, the entity was discovered in the rubble of [redacted]. It is believed that this entity is behind the [redacted] revolts in the city of [redacted].

Addendum: It has been noted that the Mannequin is incomplete, lacking certain objects, it is believed that if these objects were restored to the mannequin it may be possible to return sanity to this device and its victims.

Addendum: Excerpt of Meeting.

Begin Log:

Dr. [redacted] : How are you today?

SCP - XXXX : I feel… murderous today. What a nice word isn't it? Murderous?

Dr [redacted] : How does it - [cut off]

SCP - XXXX : [begins chanting in an unknown language.]

Overseer [redacted] : Get her out of there!

Dr [redacted] : [Begins to sing]

[crashing sounds and screams]

Overseer [redacted] : Oh my god… the guards are dead…