I'm just wanting feedback if this is a good idea or if it is like another SCP i have not read and stuff like that.

My idea is a blob of vines, leaves, and flowers that can take the form or shape of any living thing it has seen. It doesn't matter how its seen the living thing as long as its seen the whole thing. It also can change its color at will sort of like a chameleon. It even can take the living things abilities.
say it takes the form of a bird, it will be able to fly like that bird. It eats just like a plant does, it needs sun water and soil to survive. The blob is indestructible,and lives forever. It is safe to be around. It is very friendly and interactive. When it is around an animal or human it will take that things form in order to communicate with it.
It is unknown how it is able to speak. It can speak any language.