Adris's Gift.

Welcome! This is the class gift from Adris of , 2013. The writing in these documents uses the writing style and storyline of the SCP Foundation. In order to understand these documents, go to the SCP Foundation main page and read some SCP files and the articles titled "About the SCP Foundation" and "Object Classes" from the Information tab in the main site.

First Timing: 8/31/2013, 10:00 AM

First Draft For Idea # 1:

KEEP IN MIND that this is currently my first SCP that was ever created, which is quite poor. This SCP is not dedicated to anyone or anything.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Both SCP-____-1 and SCP-____-2 are to be kept in separate rooms at least 5x5x3 meters, encased in iron or concrete walls at least 2 cm in thickness for general safety. Only level 3 security ranking officials or higher are permitted to enter either rooms, additionally with a consent and an agreeing form from the majority of the 05-command for SCP-____-2. Both rooms must be visually monitored. When testing, a separate room at least 3 meters away from the room occupying SCP-____-1 with the same dimensions of its occupant and an access door should be available. A video camera must be brought with subjects when entering both objects.
The fifth dimension is not to be altered, and nothing is to be brought and left inside. Only for subject containment and testing purposes are contents to be taken into the fifth dimension.

Description: SCP-____-1 and SCP-____-2 are both trans dimensional capsules that were found in an abandoned warehouse in ██████, New Mexico. Both capsules have a logo and a quote that says "The Fifth Dimensional Association Corporation, founding astronomical and inter stellar travel since 1957" on their side. Both of them have the ability to contain objects and transport them to the fifth dimension.

SCP-____-1 travels the occupant or object to the cross part in our universe consisting of four space and one time dimension. However, it's contents remain four dimensional thus are only part of one fourth dimensional "room" within the fifth dimensional universe . The room accessed from SCP-____-1 is to be known as SCP-____-1-1. In order to enter SCP-____-1-1, the object or subject is placed inside of the capsule, and after triggered and transported to SCP-____-1-1, a "copy" of SCP-____-1 appears inside SCP-____-1-1. SCP-____-1-1's floor has the appearance of a two space dimensional scale of the objects in our three space dimensional world on one altitude, leaving hollow spaces visibly empty and visible solid/liquid spaces filled. All attempts to alter or to damage the floor have proven inconceivable. The walls and celing have no apparent end. SCP-____-1-1 allows anything to warp to another location that may otherwise seem impossible. For instance, it allows one to teleport through walls. The distance traveled does not change, and SCP-____-1-1 can only help in manipulating through physical obstacles. In order to travel back from SCP-____-1-1 to the fourth dimension, the SCP-____-1 inside of SCP-____-1-1 has to be moved to the location in SCP-____-1-1 that resembles the target location in the fourth dimension.

See Log-____-1-a for testing details.

SCP-____-2 differs from SCP-____-1 in the fact that it travels the subject/object to the section in our universe consisting of three space and two time dimensions. When any object is transmitted through SCP-____-2, they enter the dimension now known as SCP-____-2-1, experience [Data Expunged] , and are never to be seen again. No successful recordings have been seen from SCP-____-2-1. The interior of SCP-____-2 consists of a similar teleportation system from SCP-____-1, but instead the main transmission wire travels into a randomly enveloping circuit that [Redacted] and travels through a █████ like box chamber.


Testing Procedures: Subject is to enter SCP-____-1 with at least two observers present with access to trigger SCP-____-1. Subject is to be instructed to walk 8 meters when inside SCP-____-1-1 while moving SCP-____-1 and to step back inside of SCP-____-1 after moving it to the desired location. If testing follows successfully, the subject is to reappear in the secondary room.

Testing Date: 05/██/██

Subject follows protocol, and appears inside of the secondary room.

Testing Date: 07/██/██

Subject follows protocol, doesn't appear inside of other room and is reported after two days to have been sighted out side of the facility.

Barriers inside of SCP—1-1 are to be placed before next testing. -Dr. ██████

Testing Date: 07██/██

Subject follows protocol, except is requested to follow 9 meters to the left inside of a wall.

See Incident ██████ for results.