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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No direct action is required in the containment of SCP-XXXX, however, its current location, the now abandoned Site-41-A, is to be kept under watch at all times by assigned Observation Personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a phenomenon that manifests as the physically existent actions of a non-existent human, that have occurred exclusively within Site-41-A following a D-Class riot that took place on 02/11/20██.

The entity has no physical presence itself nor does it provide any measurable force on its environment and in addition, it has never been shown to react to any form of stimuli applied to its surroundings or at its apparent location. Due to this, designated Observation and Maintenance Personnel have been able to freely wander throughout Site-41-A without risking unwanted damage to or from SCP-XXXX2.

Daily observed effects consist of trivial matters, including but not limited to:

  • Showers switching on in the morning, then off after an average of 5 minutes, 12 seconds.
  • Toilets flushing at 3-4 hour intervals.
  • Food in the Foundation staff room being cooked without any measurable acting force.
  • The subsequent spontaneous disappearance of the aforementioned cooked food.

More drastic events include but are not limited to:

  • Windows shattering.
  • Damage and/or destruction of on-site equipment.
  • Discharge of firearms.
  • The deaths of former Site-41-A personnel (see Emergency Action Summary XXXX-1).

All food/equipment/firearms manipulated by SCP-XXXX have exclusively been those that were present on Site-41-A at the time of its original manifestation on 02/11/20██. As part of experimentation procedures, various food substances from off-site have been placed in the Foundation staff room, mixed with food already present, but SCP-XXXX has yet to interact with them.
In some test cases, former on-site food and equipment have been taken off-site, yet experienced the SCP-XXXX phenomenon as if they were still on-site, indicating SCP-XXXX has some connection to the specific layout of Site-41-A at the time it first appeared on 02/11/20██.

Additional History: SCP-XXXX was first seen to manifest following the D-Class riot of 02/11/20██. After a containment breach was initiated by SCP-████, seventy percent of the on-site security personnel suffered fatal casualties. At the same time, SCP-████ managed to break down the facility power grid on level B12, causing a radiation leak that ultimately cut power to the whole of Site-41-A. This resulted in the security system of the D-Class Holding Wing failing, and 113 D-Class personnel breaking free of their confinement.

The riot lasted thirteen hours before a backup MTF arrived on site and managed to subdue the D-Class personnel and recontain SCP-████.

An anomaly present in the 23 surviving D-Class personnel was made apparent when it was discovered they all believed they were still a part of the quelled riot. All 23 were reported to jeer about the success of raids on Site-41-A sectors that never occurred, recurring cries generally along the lines of "you'll never take us alive!", and constant praise towards an unknown D-Class member allegedly leading the riot, who the survivors are unable to attribute a name too.

Since this was first observed, 17 of the survivors have lapsed into a spontaneous catatonic state, 5 still believe the riot is taking place (despite the riot having ended ██ months ago), and 1 has returned to his pre-riot state (see Interview Log - D-5153).

The effects of SCP-XXXX manifested less than 24 hours following the riot, starting with the unexplained destruction of equipment, and then escalating to the violent deaths of several Foundation personnel, which lead to a facility-wide lockdown of Site-41-A. Over the course of three days, the effects became decreasingly fatal, until the situation was deemed stable and the lockdown was lifted, allowing Site-41-A to be evacuated.

Emergency Action Summary XXXX-1: On 02/22/20██, 11 days after the first known manifestation of SCP-XXXX, a fatal incident involving several former Site-41-A personnel took place. Dr. S█████, then stationed temporarily at Site-██, was seen to experience a series of seizures, followed by what nearby personnel described unanimously as a "blood-curdling scream" before he dropped to the ground and passed away less than a minute later.

Following an autopsy, Dr. S█████ was found to have died from a series of gunshot wounds to the abdomen and upper-back, in addition to a similar wound at the back of the knee. Despite this report, no signs of any bullet fragments, nor any shrapnel have been located in the body, or around the area that the attack is believed to have taken place, and all witnesses of the seizure claim to have heard no gunshots during the incident.

Three hours following this report, the time of the incident was cross-referenced and correlated with an incident that took place within Site-41-A in which two observers had witnessed the unprovoked discharge of a firearm hanging in the on-site armory, an event attributed to SCP-XXXX. It was discovered that the time of Dr. S█████'s death and the discharge of the firearm happened simultaneously.

A further seventeen hours later, three more former Site-41-A personnel were found dead in their own homes, having suffered similar bullet wound symptoms, all within a minute of one another. It has since been noted that all three were known to work in Sector L of the Biology Department, alongside Dr. S█████.

Due to these events, an Emergency Action protocol has been enacted and all 38 of the remaining Site-41-A personnel are to be monitored at all times since it is likely that SCP-XXXX still has some influence over them. In addition, all firearms located at Site-41-A at the time of the D-Class riot (both side-arms and armory stocks) are to be dismantled and destroyed as part of the Disarm Protocol, in an attempt to nullify any connections between them and those they would have affected3.

Emergency Action Summary XXXX-2: As of 06/10/20██, 18 further personnel have been observed to die in similar circumstances to those mentioned in Emergency Action Summary XXXX-1, each correlating with an event occurring at Site-41-A. These include (in chronological order):

  • A sudden temperature increase detected among the fragmented remains of a former on-site firearm (destroyed following the Disarm Protocol), leading to the deaths of the former Foundation staff assigned to Sectors H and J. This has indicated that the current status of objects SCP-XXXX interacts with have no effect on the final outcome.
  • A series of knife wounds in the body of a security guard that correlate with the appearance of a knife in the hall between Sector G and H where said security guard once acted on patrol.
  • The discharging of the personal side-arm of the aforementioned security guard, an item that was off-site at the time of the incident (weapon failed to be handed in as part of Disarm Protocol), leading to the deaths of two former Sector F personnel.
  • The deaths of all Sector E personnel by a combination of bludgeon attacks and strangulation, the best correlation of which can be tied to the shattering of various viewing rooms that occurred in Sector E during the time period in which the former Sector E personnel died.
  • A former Sector K guard who previously confessed to having gone to Sector E during the time the D-Class riot began, to meet the now deceased Dr. V███, whom he had been having an affair with. This further supports the theory that the order of deaths is not tied to assigned location, but to actual location at the time of SCP-XXXX's manifestation.

Remaining Site-41-A personnel have made it clear that the events are taking place at increasingly deeper levels of Site-41-A, leading to the conclusion that SCP-XXXX is heading towards level B12 for some unknown reason. Under no circumstances can SCP-XXXX be allowed to reach level B12.

Interview Log - D-5153

Interviewed: D-5153

Interviewer: Dr. F█████

Foreword: D-5153 was a former D-Class at Site-41-A known to have displayed various forms of erratic behavior, even before the D-Class riot. However, this mentality manifested one year, three months before the riot took place, indicating a sudden change brought on by some unknown event. Under suspicion that this sudden change may be related to SCP-XXXX, an interview was conducted.

<Begin Log>

Dr. F█████: Hello D-5153, how are you feeling today?

D-5153: What do you [EXPLETIVE] think?

Dr. F█████: Very well, we shall get right to it. What can you tell me about your time on Site-41-A?

D-5153: Time of my life, doc. A real party, never a dull moment. One minute you're there, the next you're not. Real bag of tricks, that place.

Dr. F█████: I'm sure. What do you mean by, "one minute you're there, the next you're not"? I hear you have said similar things before. Would you care to elaborate?

D-5153: Just messin' with you, doc. Me? I would never say anything like that.

Dr. F█████: That's strange, we have here in your file, that you've previously said, and I quote: "They're disappearing! They're all disappearing!", "Where have they gone? Tell me what you did with them!" and my personal favorite: "Remember me! Remember me, please! Don't forget me like you did all the others!".

D-5153: Jeez, you really did your homework, huh?

Dr. F█████: Would you care to elaborate on those instead?

D-5153: It doesn't matter. You won't get it. None of you ever do. They didn't get it back at the site, and there's no way you'll get it out here.

Dr. F█████: Try me. I think you'll find I'm rather open-minded.

9 seconds of silence, D-5153 is described as visibly agitated.

D-5153: You didn't work on that site, did you?

Dr. F█████: No, I'm from elsewhere.

D-5153: So I guess you don't know [EXPLETIVE] about B12?

Dr. F█████: You mean the floor with the radiation leak?

D-5153 is heard to laugh briefly.

D-5153: Radiation leak?! Is that what those bozos are sayin' to ya? That is rich! Ain't you ever done one of these stupid interviews with one of your chums from that [EXPLETIVE]hole?

Dr. F█████: No, not yet, it's currently restri- look, this is getting off-topic.

D-5153: That figures.

Dr. F█████: So what do you think is on level B12?

D-5153: Hell if I know. Even guys like you didn't know. I mean, I got chummy with one of the scientists there, I forget his name, used to sneak in stuff for me and the other guys there, everyone loved that old geezer. So I asked him about B12 and he said he didn't know either, he said we wasn't supposed to know so I should just keep my mouth shut.

Dr. F█████: How did you know about B12, to begin with?
D-5153: Well, every couple of months, you guys would come take one of us down there. I'd hear it through my cell door, "take this guy down to B12" and we'd never see the guy again.

Dr. F█████: It sounds like a routine test. Although…

Dr. F█████ pauses to examine on-hand documentation.

Dr. F█████: It does indeed seem strange that we have no logs of any such activity.

D-5153: Of course there ain't no logs, 'cause there ain't no one to remember to make any logs.

Dr. F█████: Elaborate.

D-5153: Y'see, this is the thing. When those people got taken down to B12, they didn't just not come back, it was like they never even existed.

Dr. F█████: Records are usually deleted afterward, it just sounds like-

D-5153: Come on doc, use your head, I ain't got access to no records like you, how could I be talking about that? I mean no one remembered 'em at all! One by one they'd drop, but ain't no one even remembered they were ever there, let alone their name! All trace of 'em, gone! Just like that!

Dr. F█████: The researcher you mentioned before, could you identify him for us?

D-5153: I doubt it, doc.

Dr. F█████: Surely you haven't forgotten the face of someone you held in such high regard.

D-5153 is silent for 12 seconds and becomes visibly agitated again.

D-5153: One day that scientist guy looked all sad like… said he wouldn't be around much longer, but when I asked why, he wouldn't say. Few days later… no one remembered him either.

D-5153 is silent for a further 6 seconds.

D-5153: I'm tellin' you man, everyone knew that guy in the D-Wing, we was all good friends and then it was like, poof! No one had ever met him! Even the other science guys didn't know who I was talkin' about!

Dr. F█████: And of course, you have no way to prove any of this.

D-5153: How the hell can I prove somethin' happened if there ain't no trace of their existin' left?

Dr. F█████: Then there isn't much for me to go on, even if I did believe you.

D-5153: [EXPLETIVE], I don't know. I told you man, you guys never believe me. Okay, how about this, there was only about a hundred or so of us in that place, right?

Dr. F█████: Roughly, yes.

D-5153: Then why was there enough cells to hold at least four hundred of us! That place was completely empty when that riot went down, it was a damn ghost town!

Dr. F█████: I doubt whatever was happening there would warrant the loss of nearly three hundred personnel. How do you think they could justify the loss of so many people?

D-5153: That's just it! You guys, the ones doin' it! You don't remember them people either! You drop one of us, you forget they existed, you forget it ever happened, so you go do it again!

Dr. F█████: I am not here to debate absurd conspiracy theories with you. Let's just wrap this up, I'll humor you. Why are you the only one that remembers these people?

D-5153: I'm not. Well… I wasn't.

Dr. F█████: There is another?

D-5153: Was. Yeah. I forget his name, just like all the others that went to B12. Only reason I knew I wasn't crazy, was because he remembered them people too.

Dr. F█████: What was he like?

D-5153: Resourceful guy, pretty dangerous, not someone you wanted as an enemy. The guy was a born leader, always had people rallyin' around him. Always talkin' about how he was gonna stick it to you guys and get us outta there.

Dr. F█████: What did he think of B12?

D-5153: Wouldn't shut up about it, sounded crazier than I do. Said he was gonna make you guys pay for what you were doin' down there, whatever it was. Said he was gonna find a way down there and make it his own. That guy was mad with revenge.

Dr. F█████: I see. He sounds very optimistic, considering his situation.

D-5153: Y'think? I dunno. I think if you knew him you wouldn't say that.

Dr. F█████: How so?

D-5153: Let's just say it's damn ironic that that riot took place a few hours after you took him down to B12. With him in charge, hell, we probably could've got you guys back.

Dr. F█████: Very well, we've used up enough time. Thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: D-5153 has since been terminated and Dr. F█████ has been reassigned to external field duties following administration of a Class A amnestic. Further research into level B12 is to be suspended.