SCP - XXXX (3692)
Name - “Ambulantum Ghoul*”
Other translation - “The Walking Ghoul”
*Name sourced from a Latin manuscript
Class - (Not decided)
Initial Containment date - XX/XX/XX
Transfer - 02/12/2013
Escaped - 04/12/2013
Secondary Containment Date - 03/11/2016
Second Escape - 02/01/2017
Current Status - Missing*
*Sighted in Motou (China) on XX/XX/XX

Overall the beasts characteristics revolve around simple molecular metamorphosis, granting the beast the ability to divide cells at an abnormal rate allowing respiration to occur at a more efficient rate of 97.39% with little to no waste energy released. The source of the rapid cell division is theorised to stem from a form of tumour cell (Malignant) therefore allowing the sample to spread throughout the body of the animal causing new colonies of the malignent tumour to divide rapid across a large area of the body. (The body has visible scars and severs identifying that cell division was somewhat incomplete or intervened in certain areas, by uknown resources). Futhermore, due to malignant tumours present in areas of the body, the beast would have to be cancerous in certain areas depending on the tumour cells rapid division. The animal being partially canerous may also relate to its physical appearance of a white, pigmented ghoul like body; incapable of producing identifiable natural phenotypes. Through extensive research, it seems that the molecular composition of the beasts body is similar to that of an soloution substance. (A substance consisting of traces of water molecules : It is presumed that this allows the ease of cell division in between body sections, and that it also contributes to the creatures tissue texture). It’s phenotypes are composed of various layers of cell structure each composed of varied thick textured lattices; each possessing the same base element of fluidity and extensive asexual reproductive features, even though they may differ in appearance at a molecular level. Overall, the composition of the body is a large variety of molecular lattices consisting of various distinctive attributes, making the visible tissue appear pale, flaccid, and somewhat steamy. (Research on the animal have led to believe that the bodies internal structure and use of cell production and arrangement is a result of large expenses of chemical energy, with constant motions of tumour tissue (Due to the water vapours fluidity and chemical structure) which in turn produces a composition of thermal excess similiar to the composition of mist which is expelled from some gashes on the body, which cover supposed vital organs when comparing to mammal and primate structure).

Atrificial Intellegence - Through some previous data, it is concluded that this creature may have some intillectual capabilities that focus on primal instinct, the impulses to survive and adaptation to surroundings; since the composition of the monsters body is unpredictable on a variety of ways it did prove exceedingly difficult in regards to searching for some form of brain tissue. Overall, 5 brains have been compared to the animals logistics during the HIVE MIND TRIALS (Brains Scans and Samples used - Chimpanzee cerebral cortex, human cerebral cortex, human hypothalamus, human cerebrum and donated brain stems received from a multimillion Phyciatrist and Surgeon Dr. V Metch Harbringer from an unknown entity) in an attempt to locate tissues relating to a cerebral cortex, hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Results from that experiment proved to be somewhat effective as some traces of cerebral cortex and hypothalamus tissues have located around the frontal part of the beasts “head figure”. Upon testing for any distinctive characteristic features, the only results where produced from the donated brain stems which showed some primal characteristics such as reflex’s and impulse to survive, but was not comparable to most living orgasisms making us believe that the brain stems where not from any natural being. No further evidence has been brought forward via Dr. Harbringers abandonment of the donations and dissaperance on 03/02/2003.

First sighting - The first ever notion that this beast existed was recorded on 04/05/1990 at I.M Cooling Tower, Belgium. SCP researchers were conducting a scientific investigation on the surrounding area due to it’s high nutrient concentration and availability of organic nutrients. The initial project was to determine algi life forms on the surface of the ground, compared with the organic material found in the depths of the cooling tower. It was recorded that the algi found in the cooling tower presented abnormal growth, increased microbe production therefore the formation of a small habitat, and increased acidity when compared to the algi on the surface around the cooling tower. Further investigation occurred and produced similar results to the previous investigations results. Any identifiable records of further investigation have been recorded as inconclusive, leading SCP analysts to believe that further inside the cooling tower there was no algi or nutrient concentration present. Causes for this sudden disappearance of algi in a deep area have been linked to the discoverey of the XXXXX.

Previously owned research facility - xxxx
Unanswered Previous intervention - xxxx (Soviet Party)

Initial Containment Facilities - xxxx
Physical Evaluations based of previous methods stated - xxxx

The beast is referred to as the walking ghoul. This name was translated from the now identified Latin manuscript upon the beast’s discovery. The manuscript itself was found in nearby offices located near the initial discovery site, that being the XXXX found in the I.M Cooling Tower. Records of any other manuscripts that relate to the beast have not been found. Initial tests were held in the XXXX, where the beast was found. The initial tests mentioned above did provide some recorded results, however, it is believed that the beast is capable of more, or it has been theorised by SCP researchers that the beast purposely didn’t show all it’s capabilities, this again links to the ideology of the beast possessing artificial intelligence. The abilities recorded during the experiment are as follows:

- Cell reproduction
- Thermal conductivity
- Thought (Simple and complex)
- Exceptional predictions (We call this feature “Foresight”)
- Exceptional ability to adapt and learn based on the past (We call this feature “Hindsight”)
- Ability to produce a gaseous substance and use it in a variety of ways
- Ability to heat body temperature above 3654 degrees Celsius (We call this “Positive”)
- Ability to conduct thermal energy and produce thermal shockwaves (We call this “Negative”)

These abilities recorded are therosied to be around 63% of the beasts capabilities. Most of these recorded abilities did not seem to affect D Class Personal upon testing, the only exception of that being the gaseous substance produced which caused minor headaches to the D Class Personal. However, the last two abilities did produce harm to the D Class Personal, even death. One recorded test that took place on XXXX, involving D Class Personal, occured when the beast heated itself to around 2575 degrees Celsius. Eventhough the beast itself didn’t harm the subject physically, the scientists after the test reported that the subject began to suffocate and burn alive from the inside out. The body of the D Class Personal was retrieved in a blackish charred state, after the beast had cooled down and it was reported it was safe to enter. A second test also resulted in two subjects and a scientist being killed. This test was conducted on XXXX, and the only known data from this experiment was that the beast created a shockwave which burnt both the subjects and the scientist whilst the scientist was preparing the D Class Personal. There bodies were found molded into the wall covered in black sut, which then covered the room. Future records of this incident have not been found. However, it can be concluded that these deaths were a result of the process we label “Negative”.

Harbringer Incident - xxxx
Predatory Discovery - xxxx

Substation railroad - xxxx
Salvaged report - xxxx

Escape - xxxx
Police investigations - xxxx
Recapture - xxxx

Location of second containment site - xxxx (House of the Bulgarian communist party, Bulgaria)
Experimental measures taken to keep contained - xxxx

Escape - xxxx
Classification revaluation - xxxx
Last sighting - xxxx

Spores? - xxxx
Predatory features - xxxx
Stem cell project - xxxx
The phantom project (Are there more out there?) - xxxx