Game Wardens

Item #:Scp-XXXX

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Scp-XXXX is to be contained in a locked steel box, roughy 14x5x12 inches. The box is elevated by a 3 foot tall table, 1.5x1.5 feet in size. This box is to be put in a blast-resistent metal room, 10x10x9 feet in size. Scp-XXXX’s containment box and chamber should be only acessed by Level 2 (see Test Log Scp-XXXX-D) Level 3 Class personal or higher. Tests on Scp-XXXX must be approved by Site Director [REDACTED] and two Level 3 Class personal or higher. Only D-Class are to be used as test subjects on Scp-XXXX. Approved tests are to be observed by two Level 3 class or higher personal, and one quick response repair and damage control team should also be stationed within the observation deck. Four CCTV cameras are placed in the four corners of Scp-XXXX’s containment chamber. These are monitored from the observation deck by Foundation security in six hour shifts.

Description:Scp-XXXX consists of two items, Scp-XXXX-1 and Scp-XXXX-2. Scp-XXXX-1 is a pillow case [Pending] in size. Scp-XXXX-1 has no tag and it is unknown the Scp-XXXX-1’s company of origin.Scp-XXXX-1 seems to have a infinite amount of Scp-XXXX-2 despite of having a visable bottom. Scp-XXXX only ways 3 pounds, despite the previously mentioned infinite amount of space and Scp-XXXX-2. Even if Scp-XXXX is turned upside down, a constant and seemingly infinite stream of Scp-XXXX-2 will fall from the opening in Scp-XXXX-1. How Scp-XXXX-1 is able to hold a seemingly infinite amount of Scp-XXXX-2 is unknown and still being researched. Scp-XXXX-1 seems to be indestructible by any known means, including the effects of SCP-XXXX-2. Scp-XXXX-2 refers to the “candy” within Scp-XXXX-1. As stated, Scp-XXXX-2 seems to be infinite. Tests on Scp-XXXX-2 show it is exactaly the same as normal candy despite Scp-XXXX-2’s effects when consumed. When the “candy” inside SCP-XXXX-1, (SCP-XXXX-2) is consumed, a dangerous explosion, fire, memetic/cognito hazard or hazardous event such as a containment breach will occur. Explosions range from a explosion the size of a standard issue M6 frag gernade, to a 60MT Atomic Bomb. Scp-XXXX was alerted to Foundation security when a explosion equivalent to 54 pounds of dynamite occurred in a neighborhood in [REDACTED] Wisconsin. All first responders and witnesses were administered Class A amnestics by MTF-Beta-12 “Trick or Treat”