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Item #:

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is located in a secure locker in site ██ Guarded by 2 armed security.Only trained class D or agents are to wear SCP-3XXX, level four personnel's, level five personnel's or Dr. Gresh's permission is required for testing.SCP-3XXX'S chamber is to be under video survaillence during testing time.1SCP-3XXX-1 is to be held in a secure locker in the same site as SCP-3XXX-1.Armed by 1 armed security guard until further notice.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a Samsung virtual reality device.When plugged into a mobile device, PC or a console with a launched game, any subject that puts it on moves into the game.The subject can telepathically choose play, menu etc.

When in the game, the screen will show the game from the subject's point of view.It has been observed the game the subject is in is more lifelike.If any animal puts on SCP-3XXX,the animal will dissapear, any locating device will not give any location.The object will appear on the location of the animal putting SCP-3XXX on.

For a subject to move back out, the subject has to take off the VR device,tests have shown that if a single subject puts on the VR multiple times, he finds it harder to take if off every time, at about (8) times its almost impossible to put it off, if taken off 8 times the subject disappears.A subject can get various injuries depending on the time it was put on and the time in the game,
Here are some reported injuries.

  • An armjoint twisting 180 degrees.
  • The stomach and the brain swapping places.
  • The stomach's digestive juice corrosing the inner and outer layer of the stomach.
  • The heart not beating for 23 seconds.
  • All of the body's bones cracking.

So far none of the injuries caused death, this is being investigated.

Any subject that dies or loses in a game teleports out, SCP-3XXX doesnt cant be put on that subject anymore, regardless of times put on.

SCP-3XXX was found with a game which is classified as SCP-3XXX-1, SCP-3XXX-1 is a standard silver disk ,when put in any device, the screen becomes black until SCP-3XXX-1 is taken out, if SCP-3XXX is put on plugged into a device with SCP-3XXX-1, the subject moves into a unidentified game.

Explore Log 3XXX-1
test subject reported events notes
D-67543 Subject found himself in a room ,subject moved around the room for about 15 seconds then subject reported seing letters in front of him, letters said "take this,you'll need it, after a few seconds a 8-inch dagger appeared in subjects hand, a breach caused device to lose power, subject took of SCP-3XXX in a panicked state. SCP-3XXX still lets text and images appear in subjects view,as in a normal game.
Agent D█████ Subject found herself in the same room as D-67543 with the same 8-inch dagger in her hand, subject wandered around the room and text appeared in subject's view, text said "look for hidden doors by crouching.".Subject wandered around the room and started crouching near walls, a door on the north wall appeared ,subject opened the door, after opening subject found a blue key,subject continued further, a text appeared saying "you might need keys to open doors", subject put key in her backpack and took off the object, the blue key and backpack dissapeared. unlike other games, items from SCP-3XXX-1 dissapear until somebody enters the game again.
Agent A████ subject found himself in the hallway where Agent D█████ took off SCP-3XXX, Agent finds a bucket, Agent looks in the bucket and finds a yellow key of the same shapes as the blue key,after walking forward for a minute,subject finds door with a blue look, subject inserts the yellow key, a text appears saying "you need to use the matching colour".Subject inserts blue key and door opens,subject finds himself in a room of about 3 metres of radius,subject sees a door with rust on it, subject finds out its regular rust, subject takes off SCP-3XXX. SCP-3XXX doesnt follow physics as the keys were the same shape and one of them didn't work.
Agent K██ Agent found himself in a chamber of about 7m3, after wandering in the room a smaller version of SCP-682 appeared.Agent tried to flee but SCP-682 ate the agent, agent reported not seeing anything but a yellow text saying "To be continued in 30██", agent teleported out of SCP 3XXX-1 SCP-3XXX wont work on SCP-3XXX-1 anymore, scientists believe it will only work in 30██.SCP-3XXX works as before for other games.

Name Scp 907-J

What happens when you put it in a box: Nothing

How to put it into the box:Use your FUCKING hands.

What this skrub is: This skub is a fucking laptop, whenever you use your FUCKING eyes and look at the screen there is a supa dank meme plying, Song name is we are number one from lazy town