Garden Gnome

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MTF Theta-34 or "The Paper boys" is a Task force that infiltrates and censure or destroy evidence of an anomaly or SCP in the main stream media and the news channel. They often track down journalists and [REDACTED] if they have unwanted info about the foundation. The scale of this MTF is [REDACTED] and they have a finger in almost every large scale media. They are known to plant evidence in cases and [REDACTED] others.

Agent-[REDACTED] What happened in the last case Agent-[REDACTED]?
Agent-ERRORThetaERROR We planted a mic in some journalist home after that info leak at site-45 and he came home when we were doing so, so we [REDACTED] him and [REDACTED] his house.
Agent-[REDACTED] Why was that?
Agent-[REDACTED] He knew about Doctor clef…

A log recovered from incident DELTA-%7
This is big, I found out about a secret facility that kept these weird things almost monsters. I need to get away. This is going in the Guardian! I will be famous. OH GOD WHAT IS THAT!"[STATIC VOICE TRANSMISSION]

EXECUTOR-B-5 Any last words?
AWOL-AGENT~ “Have you heard of the most evil things done by people in their lifetime? We have killed hundreds of people and made people sell their life for a few coins. Isn't it interesting that we were God's chosen in the bible?
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The MTF "The Wires" are a MTF that specializes in wire tapping GOI and spy and infiltrate the GOI. They will sometimes terminate high role member and inform other MTFs to help their intel.