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SCP-30XX-2B, neutralised.

Item #: SCP-30XX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-7█ staff are to attend biannual seminars on managing work stress. Lunch breaks are to be extended by five (5) minutes beyond Foundation standard, and additional funding is to be allocated to site recreational facilities. One (1) neutral-coloured malleable rubber ball is to be issued to researchers for use at regular intervals.

MTF-322 "Peace and Quiet" will be equipped with hypodermic dart guns and a midazolam-diazepam solution in case of containment failure.

Description: SCP-30XX is an anomalous disorder observed affecting Foundation staff stationed at Site-7█. Initial evaluation conducted by on-site psychiatrists diagnosed SCP-30XX as a 'stress-induced disturbance' caused by overwork1 and anxiety relating to Foundation containment protocol, manifesting in extreme cases as psychotic delusion. Following neutralisation of 30XX-2B, the condition was re-designated SCP-30XX.

Subjects exhibiting SCP-30XX fixate on common workplace objects, perceiving them as anomalous. When questioned, subjects identify these as Foundation catalogued entities. Database cross-reference has confirmed the existence of all claimed entities, including cases where subjects had no known involvement with the articles' containment. At present, there is no known relationship between selected objects and their anomalous counterparts. Research is ongoing.

In spite of their condition, subjects typically display improved work ethic: colleagues describe them as "attentive," "driven," and "enthusiastic," but highlight their obsessive behavior and concerns that they may be "overstretched." Subjects display particular care observing security protocol; a common concern is the containment conditions of fixated objects.

To date, failure to maintain containment has resulted in ██ casualties and █ separate breaches.

30XX is the designation for Dr Murphy. Dr Murphy is a researcher assigned to study of viral pathology at Site-7█.

When… was directed to … psychiatry, who made the original diagnosis of stress-induced disorder. Dr Murphy was prescribed temazepam and …

Following analysis of SCP-30XX-2, Dr Murphy's condition was revised to SCP-30XX, and classified as anomalous.

designated after -2


Workroom Proposal.

[[After being put to sleep, do the anomalies become non-anomalous? How long does it take? If so, why not put everyone to sleep immediately (see janitor)