Gartrol's SCP

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class:SafeThaumiel
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is being kept in armory ██ of site ██. SCP-3025 is to be used only by security personnel in case of a containment breach or experiments and/or tests regarding SCP-███, SCP-███ and SCP-███. Any test on SCP-XXXX require Level-2 clearance and security personnel present at all times.

Description:SCP-XXX consists of 2 entities, SCPXXX-A and SCP-XXX-B-1 through 25. SCP-XXXX-A is a 2*2*2m weapon locker of a yet unidentified metal, manufactured by WeaponMaster Industries. Investigations on the company are ongoing, but no results have been conclusive. On the back of SCP-XXXX-A it reads the following:

The world is a dangerous place. You can never have enough ammo. With our newest addition to our arsenal, the Infinite Gun Locker, we can make the world a better place.

The ██████ terrorist group used SCP-XXXX to attack the ████ embassy in Prague on ██/June/199█. It was brought to the attention of the foundation after a police report stated that "A handgun pierced police cars like they were made of paper". After a Raid on a known terrorist warehouse, MTF X-8 "Grey Hogs" managed to acquire SCP-XXXX and a member of the terrorist cell(designated SCP-XXX-1). Both were relocated to site-██ and put under foundation custody.

SCP-XXX-B-1 through 25, are a number of firearms, varying in caliber, which include the following:

  • 2 Beretta M9s
  • 1 Desert Eagle 50cal.
  • 3 Glock 18 automatic pistols
  • 4 Benelli M3 Buckshot shotguns
  • 2 AA-12 assault shotguns
  • 2 AK-47 assault rifles
  • 3 SIG 558 SMG's
  • 2 fully moded M4 rifles
  • 2 M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
  • 1 M60 Light Machine Gun
  • 1 Milkor MGL 40mm grenade launcher
  • 1 Anti-personnel BARRET 50cal rifle
  • 1 M134 MiniGun

SCP-XXX-B entities do not show any anomalous effects until fired. SCP-XXX-B entities do not fire any bullets, but even so, they reach the desired target. SCP-XXX-B entities of lower caliber have been recorded to pierce 60 cm thick concrete walls.Whereas high caliber entities can penetrate 50cm of reinforced Tungsten.1

All efforts to disassemble an entity of SCP-XXX-B, have failed due to the lack of hinges and screws present on the guns. No cartridge is present in the objects as well, lack of recoil is also present.

After an interval of approximately 50 minutes of non-use, a SCP-XXX-B entity will start to rapidly decompose until disappearing. 1 minute after initial disappearance, the object will reappear inside SCP-XXX-A.

Interviewed: Mr.████ (part of the █████ terrorist group)

Interviewer: DR. Chakwas (lead researcher on SCP-XXXX)

Foreword:Mr..████ was brought to interview chamber ██ to gather information about how the group came to have SCP-XXX

<Begin Log>
Dr. Chakwas: Good morning.
(Mr.████ was shocked)
Mr.████: AHHH! For fucks sake, alright!!!! Good morning.
Dr. Chakwas:I'm here to ask you a few questions about SCP-XXXX.
Mr.████: Oh you mean Mr.. Gunpowder's locker? Sure, whatever.
Dr.Chakwas: Mr.Gunpowder? Is that the one who gave your group SCP-XXX?
(Mr.████ seemed unresponsive)
Dr.Chakwas: If you do not comply, I'll shock you again.
Mr.████:No, no, no, no, wait. Ok, I-I'll tell you. We were planning our attack to the embassy, when one of our outside sentries told us we had company. My group an I came out of the warehouse to confront the visitor, but he was unarmed.
Dr.Chakwas:Can you describe him?
Mr.████: Well, he was tall, like 6 feet tall, white skinned, muscular, with a brit accent. He had a handlebar mustache and a tophat made from bullet casings. That hat was fucking wirer I tell you. Suit and cane,you know, the definition of being successful at shit.
Dr.Chakwas:What did he tell your group?
Mr.████: He told us he would give us the gun locker if we brought him back some sort of artifact inside the embassy. We were skeptical about the weapons at first, but after he blew a fucking hole in one of our armored trucks, we agreed.
Dr. Chakwas: What was that artifact?
Mr.. &#9608;&#9608;&#9608;: Dunno, some kind of micro reactor.
Dr. Chakwas: Where did you deliver the artifact?
Mr.█████ begins to cough blood, showing sings of extreme distress. Approximately 4 seconds after, Mr.████ begins convulsing, 3 seconds after, a 20 cm steel cylinder comes out of Mr.████'s mouth. Inside the cylinder lies a note(see addendum A-1)
<End Log>

Addendum A-1: Level 4 authorization required: Inside the steel cylinder that came out of Mr..&#9608;&#9608;&#9608; was a note, which reads as it follows:

"I'm not a big fan of people telling secrets. I'm sure your organization doesn't as well, that was why I had to take Mr.████ out for the good of my company. As for my locker, you can keep it, call it a gift from me to Dr.████2 and your foundation. If you're wondering how this cylinder came to be in Mr..&#9608;&#9608;&#9608;'s oral orifice, it is simple. After that group of imbeciles took the locker inside, I released a sleeping agent on the warehouse, the agent is similar in composition to your "amnesties" devices. After they were in the late stages of REM sleep, I proceeded to [REDACTED] each an every one of them to put inside this "failsafe". You may call my methods barbaric, but it is for a good cause."
"Best regards -Mr.Gunpowder (WeaponMaster industries)"