Gary the Holy II

Item #: SCP-6094

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6094 is contained in a 6x6x6 meters cell. No items representing some sort of landscape, action, person or having symbolic meaning should be brought into SCP-6094's containment cell unless for testing. It should be fed steak twice a day to avoid starvation.

Description: SCP-6094 is an adult member of the species megascolia procer ( Giant Scoliid Wasp), though it has one major difference: trough an unknown biological mechanism, it is able to absorb proteins from steak using its sting without losing it.
Its main anomaly manifests when it comes into contact with a painting, drawing, illustration or something of symbolic meaning. After contact is terminated, all direct human observers will [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the observers having the appearance of the object or organism portrayed in the object.

Test Log:
Testing Log 001:
Item: Vincent Van Gogh's self-portrait
Subjects: D-1569, a black male and D-2145, a Caucasian female.
Result: Both subjects seemed to go trough the transformation normally, taking the appearance of famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. though analysis on D-2145's biology has shown that if the being portrayed in the object affected is the opposite gender than that of the subject, subject's reproductive organs and DNA will change accordingly.
None of the subjects' clothes, mental state, memories or painting skills were not affected.
Testing Log 002:
Item: A painting of a blue cube, made by Dr. ██████
Subject: D-1745
Result: After [DATA EXPUNGED], the subject become a wooden cube on the exterior. Scans have shown that all internal organs are present, even though shrunk. Subject soon expired due to lack of air. Clothes were found on the floor, under subject.
Testing Log 003:
Item: Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"
Subject: D-2034
Result: Subject disappeared. The landscape in the painting became only tints of pink, red, with the tree becoming white. Any person that touches the painting appears to be transported to another universe where everything is made of materials found in a human body. this universe seems to be uninhabited, though exploration is ongoing.
Testing Log 004:
Item: Pablo Picasso's "Guernica"
Subject: D-2805

Addendum: After the results of Tests 003 and 004, at 05 command, no tests shall be performed on objects that are either abstract or represent landscapes.

Addendum 2: Though SCP-6094's anomaly works on any piece of art, it appears to be attracted by Vincent Van Gogh's paintings, while trying to avoid any other artwork.
Letter Recovered from the now-abandoned house of Armand Trousseau: (Translated in English)
As a man who knew Vincent Van Gogh well, I can say that his suicide was the most tragic thing that I know of. The death of such a talented man should not go unnoticed. I intend to write this to you knowing that you cannot bring him back to life, but wanting for his art to be remembered and brought to life. I do not know what you are going to do, but please do something about it.

Your Student, Paul Gachet

Letter Recovered from the house of Paul Gachet:1
Thanks for your request! We were working on a project- a wasp toy- and it would take too much time to start your request from scratch. We'll take one of the unfinished toys and make it into the item of your request. We hope that doesn't bother you.

With Love, Dr. Wondertainment