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SCP-3000(epithet: an open mind)
Class: Safe
Special Containment procedures:
due to its properties Scp-3000 is to be kept as a digital reprisentation of its gentic informormation. if a sample is needed for testing, it will be created using the [Redacted] process. after a period of 7 days, the sample will be incinerated to preserve containment.
Notes: Have detailed mechanisims on how the scp works, using minimal technobabble. Have a few papers on what the mechanisims are. Have pitches from scp personnel on possible uses for object. Have actual uses by the object used by the foundation.
more of an exploration of the foundation than an exploration of the object itself
Object description: Viral/bacterial Anomalous desease. after infects things has stages where things infected become open. starts with infected persons becoming unable to close small doors by any meathod (buttons, manual, robots)[possibly only manual to start]. infectees also become adeverse to the idea of closing things. eventually progresses to being unable to close anything interacted with, then unable to close hands, mouths, cuts, and culminates in throat remaining open, blood vessels becoming very open. normally results in bleeding out and death. (possible varitions able to infect computers? Computer virus that came alive? hmm.) foundation maybe use edited versions of virus as healthcare(vessels cant clot), sell on market as erectile dysfuction medicine (vasodilator)