-SCP- 2124 aka ''The Artificial-Eye''-

Object Class: Item

Bio: An unknown Eyeball with the unique colours and features. Being able to see paranormal activity aswell as having it's own mind. SCP-2124 is currently only been used 12 times, 8 resulted insanity as the test objects went mental insane and started to hallucinate after 10-20 minutes of usage. This artificial Eyeball is by the colour of shiny dark purple with light green tone on the pupil area. This concludes that the Eyeball is infact corrupted and thereby is locked down for containment.
First case of usage aswell as the first fatal one was in 20th August 1995, test object
Hammond Tearador was explaining how it felt using the Eyeball. In the available reports he only mentioned ''shades'' and confusing description of what he saw around him. He had to close his other eye to use SCP-2124 successfully, but only after 11 minutes of buzzing words and constant rising heartbeating resulted death. His mind was overcooked, most likely by the hallucinations and the descriptions of what he saw. SCP-2124 got classified as a neutral item, since it's an object that disturbs the eye sight of other when being near. By the reports that are available there are still unknown what SCP-2124 truly is, with an unknown creator and unknown meaning. By the test object's descriptions stated that the Eyeball is something that is not meant to be used for any military means. Since with it's strange aura of stuttering on devices and extraodinary ability to weaken living's eyesight. This may conclude that SCP-2124 is not meant for any usage in near future. More reports about the surviving test objects are currently under top containment with no information about who and where they are.