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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be contained in a standard human containment cell at Site-17. Under no circumstances are any writing implements allowed in SCP-4000's cell. All notes pertaining to SCP-4000 are to be written using a word processor on a tablet that is not connected to the internet and transposed to paper after moving 40 meters or more from the containment cell.

SCP-4000 is to be supplied one mp3 player able to contain a minimum of three audiobooks. The books should be written by deceased authors. A secondary library containing only digital media has been created for SCP-4000 to access with staff supervision. SCP- 4000 is to be interviewed each month by a Foundation psychologist. A staff member should be present during SCP-4000's meals to socialize with the subject, making sure to note any signs of depression or anxiety.

Description: SCP-4000 is a Caucasian male who appears to be in his mid twenties. SCP-4000 has not noticeably aged over his ██ years in containment at Site-17. SCP-4000 first came to the Foundation's attention after an embedded Foundation agent in the US Social Security Administration discovered the subject while looking into a potential case of social security fraud. A search of the subject's residence uncovered a large collection of literature, including hundreds of rare books. Foundation research confirms that SCP-4000 was born some time between 1826 and 1851. SCP-4000 was taken into Foundation custody after the subject's advanced age was determined to be anomalous.

During an interview with a Foundation psychologist, SCP-4000 unintentionally revealed another anomalous effect. SCP-4000 is able to quickly write letters, that when completed instantly transport to their intended recipient. It is estimated that SCP-4000 is able to write at a rate of nearly 500 words per minute. Though the content of the letter sent consists of extreme praise and admiration, in all known cases recipients experience a major depressive episode after reading the letter, leading to the suicide of the recipient. The Foundation has recovered ██ letters written by SCP-4000 from the personal collections of deceased authors, with the last known letter discovered on ██/██/2008. The cognitohazard seems to only affect the intended recipient of the letter. Interviews with SCP-4000 indicate that writing these letters is an involuntary action by the subject. SCP-4000 has been made aware of this cognitohazardous effect.

SCP-4000 suffers from major depression and panic disorder, characterized by frequent panic attacks. Use of medication was found to be ineffective in treating the subject's metal health. Allowing the subject access to literature greatly improved the subject's mental state and has prevented the subject from further panic attacks. SCP-4000 finds great joy in reading and will frequently ask staff members for recommendations.

Sample Recovered Documents:

Incident Log 4000-1: On ██/██/2018 Research Assistant Francis Stauder was forcibly removed from SCP-4000's cell after assaulting SCP-4000 with a hammer. A failure by Foundation security personnel to conduct a proper screening upon Stauder's entrance to Site-17 allowed the assault to occur. SCP-4000 was treated for multiple fractures in both hands. When apprehended, Stauder turned over a letter he had on his person.

SCP-4000's injuries were successfully treated, but the subject has refused physical therapy classes required to regain full manual motor skills. SCP-4000 has since shown new symptoms of depression.