Giant bug people
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The carcass of SCP-XXXX-11, with the carapace pointed out.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 through 10 as well as any other members of their species that are discovered and brought to containment should be kept in a large reinforced concrete enclosure and implanted with a tracking device to record their location.

The containment zone should be guarded by two guards armed with tranquilizer guns as well as crash helmets and bulletproof vests. Every week the group of organisms should be supplied with a complicated puzzle to solve as a group and anything else that would keep them occupied.
Every 1-4 days they should all be taken in one by one for an examination to check for abnormal behavior, diseases, wounds or parasites. Once their examination is complete they should be returned to the group with any of the problems fixed.
An SCP-XXXX on the verge of approaching its death should be kept inside the containment cell and never moved from that spot.

Description: SCP-XXXX are a species of 3 meter tall yellowish-brown vaguely humanoid entities with a resemblance to terrestrial insects, primarily Crustacea , Mantodea, Aranea and Blattidae. However despite these similarities they seem to be closer to the Anomalocaridid family, genetically speaking.
Their basic traits are their inability to speak, a pair of raptorial appendages used for grabbing objects and tearing apart their prey, and their octopus-like intelligence.
they will molt every 1-10 weeks unless they have not been fed.

The most prominent features are their human-like faces and their lack of any kind of legs. Because they do not have legs they are unable to locomote normally.
However they are capable of hovering 2ft above the ground through unexplained means. Every SCP-XXXX appears to be capable of hovering vertically and upside down with as much ease as they would right side-up, and they seem to not be bound by gravity, as they can traverse a chasm or ravine with ease. Dead SCP-XXXXs appear to lose their ability to hover.

An SCP-XXXX appears to lose its color once it dies, becoming clammy, pale and muted. Interestingly, the corpse becomes inert to the point that it is impossible to move it from the spot where it had originally died in. There is no way to lift the corpse, and trying to do so manually may result in extreme muscle strain and even loss of limbs. Trying to move the carcass may also result in damage to the carcass, so it is advised to not attempt this under any circumstance. after 5 minutes a large flower-like pod will sprout from the carcass and after 5 days 3 larval SCP-XXXX will emerge from the pod and the pod will wither up and die.