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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-x is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber. No guards are required to watch over the entrance to the chamber, as the entity displays no desire to escape containment. As a reward for good behavior, SCP-x may be given religious materials to read and artistic tools. Any experiments involving SCP-x must have the approval of at least one Level 3 Researcher.

Description: SCP-X is a suit of full plate armor of unknown origin and material composition. It outwardly resembles black-colored steel, and its style suggests it was forged in the Late Medieval Ages. Attempts at carbon dating have been inconclusive, although its extensive scarring and deformations indicate frequent use over a long period of time. However, structural analysis of its materials reveals that extensive thaumaturgical rites and devices were employed in the forging process. While the exact methods are not properly understood at this time, it is known through cross-referencing with the Foundation's database of anomalous materials that SCP-X's creation involved the use of metallic alloys of extradimensional origin. The precise dimension is not known, but it is hypothesized to be one of the several unclassified Tartarean Class1 realities.

SCP-X's primary anomalous trait is that it does not need a human subject to wear it. It is inhabited by an immaterial consciousness that grants it full mobility and senses of a human subject. It is suspected that the thaumaturgy used in its forging was also responsible for containing the consciousness within it. The resulting entity which inhabits SCP-x is referred to as SCP-X-1. This entity is capable of telepathic communication with those it can perceive, but seldom does so. Judging from the information that has been recovered from it over its custody within the Foundation, SCP-x-1 is a former human, but it cannot remember many details about its life before being bound to SCP-X. Despite this, SCP-x-1 displays considerable knowledge of history, art, warfare, religion and various types of thaumaturgy. See Addendum for more information.

SCP-x has been shown through testing to be capable of interacting physically with all Tartarean Class entities and phenomena. The consciousness inside it can perceive these anomalies normally and displays enhanced senses for detecting them. Furthermore, SCP-x-1 can reconfigure its suit into archaic weaponry at will and has been known to employ its thaumaturgical devices as a form temporary containment units for Tartarean Class anomalies. It has been observed that while contained within SCP-x, such anomalies are capable of communicating with and psychologically influencing SCP-x-1. The total number and overall danger posed by all the Tartarean Class anomalies contained in this manner are unknown, and evidence suggests that SCP-x-1 is under frequent and significant stress as a result of operating SCP-x. It is hypothesized that should SCP-x-1 lose control of its built-in containment, a Reality Restructuring Event of unknown scale could occur.

SCP-x-1 was discovered in front of an abandoned church in [REDACTED], burying the cadaver of an unidentified woman into a makeshift coffin and proceeding to carry out various religious and thaumaturgical rites far away from the local population. The exterior of the church in question was found through second-hand evidence of an extreme concentration of Tartarean Class anomalies. When Foundation Agents entered the building and encountered SCP-x-1, the entity did not resist containment. Its only requests were to be allowed to finish the burial and not answer questions about whom the cadaver used to be.

Addendum: Interview Logs

Interviewed: SCP-x-1

Interviewer: Doctor ██████

Foreword: This interview was carried out after initial containment of SCP-x-1.

<Begin Log>

Doctor ██████: Good evening, SCP-x-1. I would like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.

SCP-x-1: There is nothing of interest about me. I suggest you focus your efforts elsewhere.

Doctor ██████: I wish I could, but I am following orders.

SCP-x-1: So was I. For a long time. And I am very, very tired. Why can't you just leave me alone to my studies and prayers?

Doctor ██████: We can and will revoke your privileges if you keep refusing to cooperate.

SCP-x-1: Fine, as you wish. I think you will be very frustrated, though. I don't remember much of anything.

Doctor ██████: Well, start with what you do remember. You said you were taking orders. From whom?

SCP-x-1: From the Catholic Church. I like to think that even today it still helps mankind, even if it has no use for crusaders like me anymore.

Doctor ██████: I see. Was the Church responsible for your current state?

SCP-x-1: I was chosen among many others, and I accepted of my own will. Upon a gilded altar they sacrificed me and imprisoned my soul in this armor. They only told me that men were becoming so sinful that demons were starting to walk freely on the Earth, and that we needed to fight the Adversary with all we had. I have faith in the cause, Doctor, I really do. But time has brought me many questions and few answers.

Doctor ██████: Do you remember the names of those who were caused your transformation and how exactly they did it?

SCP-x-1: (Laughs) The Church is fond of keeping secrets, always has been. Whatever infernal tomes they used in that ritual are either locked with a thousand keys or lost entirely. And to be honest, it doesn't matter anymore. I am a walking miracle, you see. Living proof that God is real. And it has not made my life any easier.

Doctor ██████: How can you be sure that God exists?

SCP-x-1: His enemies are many, subtle and terrible. I have seen them face to face. All the battles I have fought against them blur together in my head. Year after decade after century, it was blood and hellfire without rest. I think they might have erased my memories on purpose. There is no greater sorrow than to recall happy times that won't come back. And a melancholic soldier is no good.

Doctor ██████: You seem somewhat nonchalant about it all.

SCP-x-1: (Remains silent for several seconds with its head buried in its hands) Is that what it looks like? Have you considered how one war changes a man? Can you imagine how it was like for me to slaughter countless innocents and sinners alike for several lifetimes? All for the sake of orders. It all seems like a joke in hindsight, but I've yet to see the funny side.

Doctor ██████: We can conduct the rest of the interview if you feel like you aren't ready.

SCP-x-1: Spare me! I can deal with it just fine. Save your compassion for someone who needs it.

Doctor ██████: As you wish. Care to tell me if the Church managed to transform others like they did with you?

SCP-x-1: They did not, as far as I know. In all my years I have not heard a single story about another like me, so I assume I am unique. Having to fight Hell outside and within is not enough, it seems. I am also forced to remain alone forever.

Doctor ██████: What about the woman you were found burying?

SCP-x-1: I refuse to speak of her, and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Doctor ██████: Do I have to remind you of my warning?

SCP-x-1: (Suddenly rising from its chair and pointing fingers at Doctor ██████) To Hell with your warning! You and this organization are nothing but a fool's errand! Armageddon began a long time ago and we are living in a Godforsaken world. Whatever you do is pointless, just like my mission. I was meant to be a champion, and look where I am now!

Doctor ██████: (Nervously) SCP-x-1, please remain calm. I understand you have been through extreme trauma, but there is no need to become aggressive.

SCP-x-1: (Sitting back down and sighing) You don't have to be afraid of me, Doctor. You should be afraid of the evil that lurks in people's hearts. That is how things got this bad. Hell is already here.

Doctor ██████: …Do you still believe in God after all of this?

SCP-x-1: Of course I do! I am insulted that you would think otherwise. All of us suffer, but God does not allow us to go through more than we can handle.

Doctor ██████: You said you have many questions and few answers. Doesn't that endanger your faith?

SCP-x-1: Only if I was weak. The pain only makes my faith stronger.

Doctor ██████: I have a feeling that you are not being completely honest.

SCP-x-1: (Extended silence) Why do you care?

Doctor ██████: If nothing else, I am in charge of your containment. I need to get straight answers.

SCP-x-1: You do know that I cannot die, yes? I will just outlive you all.

Doctor ██████: And go back to your supposedly pointless mission?

SCP-x-1: How dare— (grunts in frustration before screaming and eventually crying) I did my best…why I am damned like this?

Doctor ██████: SCP-x-1, listen to me. Perhaps we can come to an arrangement? We can provide you with more privileges if you tell me who was the woman you were burying.

SCP-x-1: I don't care. Nothing you can offer will make a difference at this point.

Doctor ██████: You seem like you are experiencing a crisis as a result of your trauma. We might be able to help you if you cooperate.

SCP-x-1: Don't bother trying to lie to me. Demons are much better liars than you will ever be, and you should be above this sort of behavior.

Doctor ██████: Very well. Unless you have anything else to say, I will conclude this interview.

SCP-x-1: There is something you should know.

Doctor ██████: Yes?

SCP-x-1: I have tried to fight evil all of my life, thinking that one hero was enough to save the world. That someday I would win and there would be no more evil. That woman showed me the truth.

Doctor ██████: What is the truth?

SCP-x-1: It never happens. You just have to learn to live with your sins.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: At this point, SCP-x-1 becomes withdrawn and unresponsive. It is led back to its containment chamber without further incident. Despite what it said, it has not been observed to stop its prayers.