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Item #: SCP-XXXX

SCP-XXXX after retrieval from [ Redacted ].

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-xxxx is to be contained in a locked container to prevent unauthorized entry. Only Level 3 personnel are allowed to access the device.


SCP-xxxx is a small strip of white copy paper of the type normally used in Foundation laser printers, it has part of the Foundations logo as a watermark on the face.

The wearer of SCP-XXXX has the ability to see through walls at the corners and travel through these corners unimpeded.
The effect appears to the wearer to turn any wall joining any other at a corner, to fold back on itself and join to create a loop. Any embedded planes smaller than 1 m2 (such doors and windows) which have corners/edges are superimposed upon any parent surface, if a parent surface does not exist then it is unaffected by SCP-XXXX.

It has been suggested that performing the experiment which resulted in the creation of SCP-XXXX at a greater intensity would allow sight and movement through all surfaces without limits. - Denied, We already have one SCP that walks through walls, we scarcely need any others. O5-{blackblock]