Franko Steez's Sandbox


Please note that access to the following material has been declassified to all Foundation Personnel possessing level 3 Security Clearance as of ██/██/████, following SCP 3709's reclassification denial to Keter-class after sufficient containment methods were verified.

Classification: Euclid


Special Containment Procedures:
Note: Any handling of SCP-3709 must be carried out under a welding hood (#11 rated or darker) in order to mitigate the risk of contamination should a manifestion of SCP-3709-D occur.

SCP-3709 is to be stored in an airtight, lead-lined steel container measuring 24 cubic inches in volume, with a faraday cage laid into pre-beveled grooves on the outside. The container must be equipped with a biometric device in order to avoid unauthorized access. As a precautionary measure, research personnel must not have any pre-existing condition of astigmatism, cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, or certain retinal deformities before being assigned to the project; should any of these conditions occur, they are to be reported to Dr. Hempel within 15 minutes of first notice.
The container is to be cleaned once every 6 days by two D-Class personnel, blind only due to medical reasons as described above; no individual blind from birth, D-Class or otherwise, may come within 15 meters of SCP-3709's container for any reason. Any non-adherence to this policy is to be reported to Dr. Hempel within 10 minutes from occurrence.

Addendum to Special Containment Procedures: Effective ██/██/████, personnel at Site [REDACTED] with previous history or cancer, or personnel who are considered high-risk for any type of cancer are to be reassigned effective ██/██/████, per Dr. Pawlczesky, Site Director.

Description: SCP-3709 is an otherwise unremarkable can of Smokey Mountain tobacco-free snuff, with labeling that dates its manufacture to 05/20██. When opened, the contents of the can have been shown to vary between one of four items, with four sub-items included in the final category. Appearance of these items has been confirmed to be entirely at random, though the limitations imposed by such a small sample size give an approximately 9.2 percent chance (P>0.5) of each manifestation occurring within any given experiment. After discovering a number of physician's notes on a potential anomaly through routine internet search procedures, Foundation agents were able to verify the identities of a married couple living in Milwaulkee, WI that were reported missing simultaneously on 08/14/20██. SCP 3709 was found in a box that contained a few of the personal effects of a David ████████, aged ██. Due to contamination from the remains of Mr. ████████ and the subsequent death of both agents, the home is to remain quarantined by Foundation agents until further notice. Class-A amnestics have been administered to all known relatives and acquaintances of Mr. ████████ and his wife, and crime scene

SCP-3709-A has proven under laboratory study to be chemically identical to Smokey Mountain brand tobacco-free snuff. In this manifestation, the can is full. 37 D-Class personnel with previously existing tobacco addictions were brought into a secure room and presented with a moderate sample of SCP-3709-A. Each reported no nicotine-like effect, consistent with the commercial product, and no anomalies were recorded.

SCP-3709-B has proven under laboratory study to be chemically similar to Copenhagen long cut Wintergreen chewing tobacco, with the notable exception of a nicotine content of 42.5 mg/g, just over three times the normal content of 13.8 mg/g. In this manifestation, the can is approximately halfway emptied. 24 D-Class personnel with previously existing tobacco addictions were brought into a secure room and presented with varying samples of SCP-3709-B following laboratory testing. Each reported a sharp feeling of satisfaction, followed by nausea that ranged from mild to severe, showing a nearly perfect positive correlation based on the dose given. Tests to confirm an abnormally rapid onset of mouth cancer in ██ of the D-Class exposed to SCP-3709-B are ongoing.

SCP 3709-C-1, SCP 3709-C-2, SCP-3709-C-3, and SCP-3709-C-4 are all variants of a handwritten note, stained with tobacco juice that laboratories have confirmed to be chemically identical to Skoal Fine Cut Original chewing tobacco, mingled with human saliva. The can is otherwise empty. The contents of the four different notes vary significantly, though the first three appear to be written in the same hand; SCP-3709-C-3 has seen a severe deterioration of the handwriting, and the fourth self-designates as a paramour of some type. Testing of the paper confirms the material as a Rite In The Rain notebook, and apparent aging of the ink has shown each note to have been written approximately four months apart. See below for complete transcripts of each note.

SCP-3709-D is an unclassified object of indeterminate size that appears in the center of the tobacco can. No other contents have been noted, though the can has appeared to be conspicuously clean and completely devoid of any items other than this object. Further measurement has been rendered impossible with current techniques due to a high-intensity emanation of light measured at approximately 3,000 watts of light energy, determined to be identical to that of an arc weld in progress using a 7018 stick, viewed at 20 inches. If the subject holding the can has their face uncovered, the flash manifests as two bright beams directed into the eyes of the observer; this causes the viewer to experience the brightness at several levels greater magnitude, resulting in retinal burns that clear up through no discernible means within a range of 24-28 minutes.

Subjects that are exposed to SCP-3709-D report "seeing spots" that begin as seven small pinpricks of darkness in each eye, with each dot in the precisely the same place in each eye's range of vision. Within a 3-4 months, the dots are reported to have spread into black swirling patterns that continue to match in each eye with perfect precision. Based on subject reports, these swirls expand to block 70-80 percent of functional vision. Within another 3-4 months following the growth of the swirls, areas of vision not covered by the patterns have been reported to darken, further reducing vision by 70-80 percent of the previous end state. Before another 3 months have passed, all subjects reported a near or complete loss of vision, though they all still claimed to be able to see the swirls, which appeared to 'shine' at them out of the darkness. Soon after the shining begins, subjects experience a significant increase in the intensity of the light, and report patterns coalescing into a variety of manifestations capable of vocalization within the subjects' consciousness, promising them relief from the pain the perceived "light" is causing them in exchange for their service in "purifying the species." Within 24 minutes of verbally acknowledging subservience to the pattern-being, each subject has begun sloughing from the extremities into a fine powder. Within 42 minutes, the powder is all that remains. At this point, the subject is already in a state of significant distress; that noted, each test has shown an awareness of the process, and, whether verbally or non-verbally, has indicated the process to be significantly more painful than the hallucinated light.

The powder remains of those affected by SCP-3709-D is extremely fine; it has been observed to be easily blown directionally with almost any air movement, and can be ingested through any exposed organic tissue. Exposure to test subject remains has a 94% probability of causing an anomalous form of cancer in the exposed individual. Within 72 hours of exposure, otherwise healthy test subjects have developed significant tumors in varying parts of the body, essentially transitioning from an otherwise healthy individual to a stage IV cancer patient during that time.

Addendum 1: Given the nature of visual contact with SCP-3709-D required, additional testing with use of the blind approved by O-5 Command.

Within ██ trials, Foundation researchers were able to determine that the anomalous characteristics of SCP-3709-D are still able to manifest in subjects born without vision. While 'seeing' the flash of light produced by SCP-3709-D isn't medically possible, █ D-class personnel reported feeling an intense heat in the area around their eye sockets when exposed to a manifestation. They, like seeing subjects, reported spots in their eyes within the same timeframes, and the patterns and hallucinated light follow the same pattern as with those visually exposed to SCP-3709-D.

Alternatively, subjects who became blind later in life have shown no anomalous effects when exposed to SCP-3709-D; a caveat here is that the usual frequency of 9.2 percent appearance of the light manifestation is significantly more likely to occur when the subject is a late stage victim of astigmatism, cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and a number of other conditions that have rendered them sightless.

Note from O-5 Command: appropriate research measures must be taken to ensure that researchers in any stage of the aforementioned conditions (approximately ██ percent of Foundation staff currently assigned to the project) are to maintain sufficient distance from SCP-3709's containment area at all times as to avoid triggering the increased frequency of manifestations of SCP-3709-D.

WARNING! Access beyond this point requires clearance from O-5 Command.