Item : SCP-9000

Special Containment Procedures The object is to be kept in a small room 5m x 5m x 5m on a table with flame lit at all times. One CCTV camera is to be placed facing the table with a recording being made, reviewed after each day to see if any changes happen to the object throughout the last 24 hours.

Object Classification: Safe

SCP-000 is a beeswax candle made from the wax of the European dark bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). It was discovered by explorers 150 years ago in a Utah cave and was quickly found to have 'super natural properties' that science could not understand in the time period.

The candle when used by human or certain animal operators allows the holder to see radio waves 11 nanometers to 700 nanometers, with the test subjects naked eye as long as the test subject is holding the object. Certain human subjects have reported unease or complete calm when using SCP-000. Certain animal tests performed noted that even similar biological creatures can have different reactions for example a Labrador retriever (Canis lupus familiaris) tends to have a completely different reaction to a common Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) with the labrador running around in circles but the wolf standing still and growling occasionally at the candle.

The height of the candle ranges from 11cm to 15cm and varies depending on the test session being carried out on SCP-9000; the diameter remains consistent in all of SCP's testing. In SCP's testing the height can change depending on the individual test subjects intentions, the location the object is being used in and the time period the object is being used in.

In one test the location was SCP's California Facility on 07/10/2000 the test room was 2º Celcius and D-321 was showing signs of being extremely nervous of his surroundings he reported seeing multiple apparitional experiences including 'ghosts' and 'demons' when using the candle. The facilities parapsychologist after engaging in conversation with D-321 said that SCP-9000 was making the test subject believe he was in a 'haunted house' The facilities scientists concluded in the labratory report that SCP-9000 has hallucinogenic properties.

When the wick of the candle is burning the wax is not consumed by the wick unlike conventional similar light sources meaning it can be used infinitely without the SCP running out of usable energy.

The light intensity of SCP-9000 is slightly higher than conventional candles giving out a radiant intensity rating of 25 lumen when tested by a lumen meter. SCP Staff and Test Subjects have found that the lumen output to be similar to 10 to 14 lumen when viewed with the naked eye much closer to a conventional candle. The heat emitted from the object's flame is 2000 degrees Celsius which scientifically should produce a flame that is similar to an incandescent electric light bulb; most users of SCP-9000 do not report heat any different to a conventional Candle
Another unusual factor is the colour temperature which is perceived to be 6000K by the naked eye rather than the 1850K emitted by a conventional candle.

The mass and weight of SCP-9000 shows it to be 907kg using scientific weighing scales but when human operators pick up the item it feels no heavier than a few grams. Our scientists believe SCP-000 changes its weight depending on the user. In test scenarios scientists have placed weighing scales while subjects have held SCP-9000 the weights range from 0 gram to 1000 grams depending on the test subjects sex, build, age etc.