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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-X is to be housed in a locked safe-deposit box at Site 19's High Value Item Storage Facility. It should not be taken out of this box or worn except under testing conditions. Testing is to preside in a chamber containing only test subjects, with observation by a Researcher and at least five (5) armed guards.

SCP-X is a normal sized pair of purple reading glasses, manufactured and sold by The █████ Company. Identical glasses purchased from this company exhibit no anomalous properties. Any wearer of SCP-X, the host, will recieve instructions from an unknown source. The host is strongly compelled to complete their instructions, no matter their nature, and are concious of their orders and their actions in following them. However, the host is not aware of the source of the instructions, and are not bothered by this. The host loses compulsion to complete the task if the glasses are removed, but still remembers their orders, and continue to be unperturbed by them. The host is able to remove the glasses from themselves at any time, but rarely does so. If the glasses are moved to a new host, the outstanding task is relayed to them and they experience the same compulsion.

A new order is given at the exact time the last task has been completed fully. However, some tasks are long-term, requiring the host to continue or repeat an action. A new host will also be compelled to continue or repeat the action, but do not report receiving an actual order from SCP-X. To this date no orders with a time limit have been given. As more tasks have been completed by the host, the orders have become more and more sinister in nature. The glasses or their controller appear to have knowledge of the surroundings of the host, referring to people and objects in the vicinity in their commands. Tasks given do not appear to have a common link, and range from the mundane to the homicidal. For a full log of orders given, consult Document X-A-01.

Almost all of the time, the host has no problem with sharing the nature of their instructions with research staff. However, rarely the instructions given are designated 'covert', after which they will refuse to reveal their nature, or existence in any situation while they wear the glasses.

SCP-X was found in the rubble of a building by Agent ██████ after an earthquake in ███████, Indonesia, where he was stationed, in 20██.