SCP-XXXX being used by Assistant Researcher L█████


Object Class: Safe Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently kept in the office of Assistant Researcher L█████ for personal use. (See Addendum-01) SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a Level-1-Security item locker in Site-██. A written request must be approved before access to SCP-XXXX is allowed. SCP-XXXX must be used for a variable amount of time1 once every two and a half (2.5) weeks. Otherwise, SCP-XXXX may only be removed from containment for testing procedures with authorization of one (1) Level-2 staff member.

Description: SCP-XXXX was found during testing when D-38742 reached into SCP-1162, retrieving SCP-XXXX while losing a single card from the deck of cards D-3874 was in possession of3

SCP-XXXX is a yellow handheld mechanical fan with three blades, decorated to look like a giraffe. SCP-XXXX is almost identical to the standard model for the ████████ Co. toy company, the only physical differences being a crank on the side of the device, used to control the intensity of the wind produced by SCP-XXXX. When turned clockwise, it increases the intensity, and when turned counterclockwise, the intensity decreases.
Currently, there is no known limit to how far clockwise the crank may be turned, as the device usually damages testing conditions and control devices when reaching around 280 mph winds.

Addendum-01: Following the incidents of █/██/██, SCP-XXXX is not allowed to be under personal ownership, or be used for personal use.
It just, kinda started cranking itself, on its own! Thank god Y███ was there to turn it down! -Assistant Researcher L█████
Request to update Object Class to Euclid granted. -Senior Researcher Y███.

Addendum-02: I mean, it's just a fan. As long as proper procedures are followed, this thing couldn't even harm 116! -Agent E███.
Request to update Object Class to Safe granted. -Senior Researcher Y███.