Glorious Terran Technocracy

Glorious Terran Technocracy
- Order of the Silver Eye (semi-religious para-military organization)
- Research Sector 27
- Council of 9

Order of scientists founded for the singular purpose of elevating the human species to its supreme potential through the development and utilization of state of the art sciences and technologies. Collectively believe in a species-wide "manifest destiny", that humanity is bound to be the supreme, ascendant species on both a galactic and universal scale.

Council of 9:
The Council of 9 is the ruling body of the GTT and final authority on all decisions pertaining to not only the technological development of humanity, but to its evolutionary development as well. The Council of 9 consists of "elders" from nine different scientific disciplines, deemed the "most influential and critical for species development". Each council member is not only an expert in their respective field, but also holds several doctorates, Ph.Ds, and one or more Nobel prizes for their work. Each council member is, and is required to be, an expert within one sub-discipline within their field. Sitting council members consist of each of the following: Engineer, Physicist, Geneticist, Mathematician, Biologist, Chemist, Informantic, Astronomer, and Technologist.

On a cycling rotation of 2 years, each council member's respective discipline is given prominenceand is elevated to the "State of Current of Advancement". The concentration on one of each of the nine sciences allows for the opportunity for accelerated advancement, study, and production of breakthroughs.

Elder of Prominence Dr. John R.K. Briggs, Geneticist, Genomics Specialist

Order of the Silver Eye:
The Order of the Silver Eye (dubbed OSE) is a semi-religious para-military organization within the Technocracy itself. It is sanctioned, but not controlled by, the Council of 9. Operatives within the OSE are highly-trained ex-special ops, black ops, and combat reconnaissance veterans. Field operatives (collectively dubbed "Will of the Eye" or "WOEs") commonly brandish heavy cybernetic modifications to limbs and organs, with a variety of firearms frequently integrated within those modifications. WOEs operate on a highly swift, specialized, and secretive level and are responsible for the retrieval of highly-revered and sought after technologically-based SCP items. However, how they have been able to (purportedly) steal away with over seventy-six potential SCP items and leave no trace whatsoever in doing so is still under investigation. As Foundation informants are extremely difficult to plant within any sectors of the Technocracy, further information cannot be ascertained at this time. In every instance a Foundation operative has been weeded out within the ranks of the OSE, the operative has been delivered to a Foundation research station in a type of sinlge-person cryo-capsule bearing the seal of the GTT, completely mind-wiped and in a vegetative state. The method of complete and total mind-wipe has yet to be ascertained (apart from hypothesized SCP item involvement), and the technology behind the creation and function of the cryo-capsules is still under study. Six of the eight operatives planted within the OSE have been returned to Foundation custody in this state. The remaining two have returned successfully, but with little information beyond the organizational structure of and purpose of the OSE.

The object by which the organization is named after is suspected to be an as of yet-to-be cataloged SCP item. This object is also suspected to be the basis from which the order's semi-religious overtones are derived. Whenever said Silver Eye object is referenced, there is nearly always a divine description given to its qualities. What is known, is that the Silver Eye is a metallic, perfectly reflective, self-propelled sphere of unknown make, origin, and location.

The Order of the Silver Eye, aside from being the collection and retrieval arm of SCPs within the Technocracy, has also made itself the self-proclaimed hunter and exterminator of the Church of the Broken God. Precisely why the OSE is dedicated to the complete destruction of the church and its members is unclear, but it is suspected that the Silver Eye itself plays some part in their fervent efforts. In all recorded instances, the OSE has referred to the Church of the Broken God and the Broken God as "The Cult of the Crippled One" or "The Crippled One". Although at first it was not clear if whether the two names held any correlation, continuously reappearing parallels were made through its mention. In nearly every instance of the Crippled One's mention, it was described as "gears with no rest", "eternal grinding against fate", "assimilator to within the clockworks", or "the rust and decay of a broken body and decayed mind".

Orders given to WOEs are to kill Broken God church members on sight. It has been alluded to that the Technocracy and the GOC have collaborated together in taking down several church cells throughout Western Europe and Canada. The likelihood of any permanent alliance between the two organizations is minimal, however, as the GTT is known to generally shun collaboration.

The following are evening readings from "sermons" recorded live by Foundation operatives Stacks and Crimson, the only two to have successfully infiltrated and returned from within the Order of the Silver Eye:

"The Eye is Sight and the Eye is Wisdom. The Eye is Knowledge and the Eye is Wrath."

"The Crippled One cannot know what the Eye has seen."

"The Eye is Ascension; the Crippled One is Degradation."

"The Eye's vigilance is eternal. The Eye's wrath is infinite; it echoes from the First Times to the Last Times."

"The Crippled One was broken for his blaspheme."

"We are the Eye's chosen. We are His Will made manifest."

"The day of Ascension is nigh."

"Strength through knowledge. Purity through purpose. Ascension through the Path."

"The Crippled One is Ignorance. This is an Abomination to the Eye."

"The Path to Ascension is earned, not given. The flesh is the Beginning; the machine is the End."

Research Sector 27:
Research Sector 27 is suspected to be the primary location of research, study, and development of GTT's latest technological breakthroughs. It is also suspected, though only theorized, that Research Sector 27 is the main hub for SCP item storage.

GTT terminologies and classifications:
Artifact Object - General name for any scp item
High threat - Danger Type Omicron (DTO)
Moderate threat - Danger Type Rho (DTR)
Low threat - Danger Type Kappa (DTK)
No threat/safe - Pacified

"Jump" harness
Dimensional flux* rail cannon (*ammunition existing in a constant dimensionally-shifting state)
Ion cannon
Proton-pulse rifle
Jump gate
"Banishing" cube
Anti-matter to matter pulse engine
Dimensional slip-drive
Null alloy (an improved and highly refined version of "Telekill alloy". With the exception of iridium, no known metals are contained within the alloy. Specials properties are several times more magnified.)
nanite skin grafter/bone shaper
Stasis field generator
Time-space storage unit

Research Sector 27 creations discovered to be in Foundation custody

Artifacts previously in GTT custody now in Foundation custody

Artifacts highly sought after but discovered to be in Foundation custody
-SCP-1050 (DTR, Extreme Priority)
-SCP-104 (DTK, High Priority)

Uncatalogued artifacts highly sought after