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Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX Is in a restricted area in the Norwegian north sea. The containment cell consist of steel and concreate under a Large oilrig. The cell needs to be filled with oceanwater at 5͘°. The on-site staff need level 3 or higher clearance to help during containment breach.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid entity 50 meters in height, with a head resembling that of cod. It lives in the north sea in Norway. It can target boats if harmed, however, when it moves it creates huge waves and weather. It can be extreme violent if attacked or harmed in anyway, it will lash out in a wave of rage and destroy anything it sees[se incident alpha-B involving KNM OSLO] and make a huge storm because of the movement. It will and can create hurricanes if it is enraged and it will destroy cities and oilrigs or other major things.

Discovery: It has been known for a long time in the Norwegian folklore but never believed to be true until the foundation discovered it after the KNM OSLO sank and reports of a huge monster that had emerged from the ocean and the crew had opened fire on the monster. In response the creatures had ripped the boat in half. The incident killed 7 people and the word of it began to spread. The foundation tracked down the remaining crew and gave class a amnestetics and the MTF Gamma-5 was deployed and planted new information in the new papers the case came out as an incident and that the boat had gotten a leak inside of it and sank. The MTF Eta-5 was(see Containment A-E-7) sent to contain it. It resulted in the loss of 2 foundation ships and 6 agents KIA before they captured it.

Event Description: A farmhouse turned into a pile of strawberries for 2 days. When the berries came in contact with other wood like material it would change the molecular structure of the material to a strawberry. A foundation taskforce arrived on the second day and saw the strawberries turn back to wood at 23: 18.
Date of Occurrence: 1989/██/██
Location: Athenry, Connach, Ireland.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The farm is now under surveillance and all the witnesses as given class a amnestic. The cover story realised to the public was that a gas explosion had happened under the farmhouse and the pressure had wrecked the building.