'The Forest Strumpet'
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An image taken of one of the goat idols found after SCP-XXXX's capture.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be held in a 400x400x100 metre sealed unit. Personnel should never come in physical contact with SCP-XXXX, at the risk of merging with it. SCP-XXXX must be moved to its second unit every two weeks to allow intermittent cleaning of the rooms, a team of at least ten is recommended for this and will require use of full body protection suits. Any attempts made by SCP-XXXX to escape its unit must be halted through use of supplied tether harpoons. Personnel should not, under any circumstances, attempt to communicate with SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is an elderly goat surrounded by a humanoid mass of naked human bodies, approximated to total at 730 as of ██████. This includes SCP-XXXX-A,SCP-XXXX-B,SCP-XXXX-C,SCP-XXXX-D,SCP-XXXX-E,SCP-XXXX-F,SCP-XXX-G,SPC-XXXX-H, the late Mr Barricks, atleast 690 unknown persons of unknown gender and origin, 23 miscellaneous male police officers and SCP-XXXX-Z23.

SCP-XXXX was discovered on ██████ after the Foundation was called to a missing persons case in ███████,█████. The case had apparently begun as a search for a Mr David Barricks, but had expanded to the unexplained disappearance of a whole town, prompting the appearance of the Foundation. Foundation agents searched the town, and found no evidence of human inhabitants still living in the area, any building in the town had been torn to pieces, leaving only the foundations of houses and stores, tufts of fur and various broken bovine horns. Any food or drink was completely absent from the wreckage, and all searched orchards and farms were bare of crop, with any field of ground based food being populated by rabbits and hares, and any orchards or fields of corn housing various exotic birds. Most documents of value, such as money and legal papers, had been made illegible due to having parts being eaten by insects.

According to files dug from the computers at the local police station during the first search of the town, authorities had been searching for Mr Barricks for a period of two months, after the man did not come home from what his wife said was planned to be a week long hunting trip. A member of the search party found SCP-XXXX in the ██████████ Nature Reserve, the following was recorded from conversations between a search party member and Officer Klid at the local police station on ██████.

Unknown Officer: Calling Officer Klid, over

Officer Klid: Yo?

Unknown Officer: Timothy,please use the agreed format, or I'll have you out of a job.

Officer Klid: You know head don't have anyone close by to replace me bud, anyway, what's up?

Unknown Officer: I found him, the hunter. He's alive.

Officer Klid: Then why are you talking to me? Get him home.

Unknown Officer: Yeah, I'll, oh fuck, what the fuck? What the-

Officer Klid: What?

Unknown Officer: He's got his hand up some things … It's a sheep? He's holding it like a puppet, like… Oh God.

[Muffled rustling of bushes is heard, followed by incomprehensible conversation and a short silence.]

Officer Klid: I don't have the time for this boy, get him back here before lunch, over.

Officer Klid: Hey bub, you there?

Unknown Officer: Hello, Officer Klid.

Officer Klid: Yeah, listen, I'm sorry for getting mad at ya, it's just that things haven't being going to well at home recently and-

Unknown Officer: There is no problem there, Officer Klid, I understand, life is frustrating, would you like to come to my home for dinner?

Officer Klid: You know what? Sure! I'll be by your place at 8.

Unknown Officer: I will be waiting eagerly, Officer Klid.

A second search was conducted in the ██████████ Nature Reserve the following week. Streamed footage from the 18 agents sent into the reserve showed the team being attacked by a massive, goat headed woman upon entering the forests, made of the naked bodies of various men,women and children, seemingly melted together, aided in its assault by a group of adults wearing gaudy bark masks. Transmissions then cut to static. Audio was not recovered. As of ██████, 11 of these agents have been presumed dead while 7 have been identified in SCP-XXXX.

A capture team was immediately sent to the area, the giant woman was discovered by helicopters, sleeping in the center of the reserve amongst a bed of still unidentified moss, and was successfully captured and relabeled as SCP-XXXX. The team searching the forest post capture returned with footage of a village of abnormally thick agathis trees, each one bearing a large tree house made of parts of the abandoned town's homes. each tree house was decorated only with basic furniture and shoddy goat idols, which, upon inspection from our forensic team, have been confirmed to be pleasure dolls for men, presumably the masked figures.

During her containment, SCP-XXXX has shown an understanding of English, but lacks the ability to speak, instead using the bodily fluids of its various 'parts' to write messages on the walls of its cell. SCP-XXXX will normally write about 100 words per day, describing itself as the mother of the people it has merged with and 'The Forest Strumpet'. Interviews have been attempted with SCP-XXXX, but any attempt to communicate with it or any of its 'parts' have resulted in the interviewers making a conscious effort to come in contact with her, while multiple methods of communication, such as morse code, letters, emails, music and sign language have been attempted to converse with SCP-XXXX, all cases resulted in the subject attempting to reach SCP-XXXX in order to merge with it, with no reply being given by SCP-XXXX except a gentle hum when merging with a new 'part'.

All subjects we have lost to SCP-XXXX have resulted in it increasing the mass of any signs of its femininity, such as its breasts and hips, however it has made no attempt to attach any more 'parts' to the only part of it that is not human, its head other than two adult men placed on above the goats ears in the shape of antlers. It is still not confirmed whether SCP-XXXX is actually the goat, or whether the goat was simply its first victim.

As of ██████, SCP-XXXX has been consistently attempting to what her guards can only explain as 'seduce' the Faculty, through explicitly motioning towards the cameras in her units.

Dr █████████ has demanded that experiments continue on SCP-XXXX, and that research efforts be focused on both her origin and her ability to add organisms to herself.

As of ██████, searches for the masked figures have been halted, under the orders of Dr █████████.

The town of ███████ and the ██████████ Nature Reserve are to be cordoned off for future research.