Item #: Icarus Site

Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Icarus Site is located at ████████N, ████████E. Site is to have a 22km containment zone (under the guise of a joint US-Greek radar station) surrounded by Electric fencing, and at 10km a Steel-Reinforced concrete wall 4.5 meters high, both with several layers of Concertina wire at the bottom. (15) Infrared/Night vision cameras along walls and fences. A radar facility just outside is to be staffed by foundation personnel to aid with cover story. Area to be patrolled by Hellenic Navy gunboats and (1) P3 Orion. The area at large surrounding Icarus Site is to be considered a No-Fly zone due to the anomalous effects. In event of a containment breach, Agents are authorized to make use of gunboats 76mm, 40mm, and 2 20mm cannons. In the unlikely event(due to anomalous effects) that Icarus Item-1 is stolen and subject becomes airborne, the P3 Orion is to use a top gunner turret with 20mm's against Icarus Person-2. Only one notable breach has been recorded, performed by Icarus Person-1. See Incident Icarus-01

Description:** Icarus Site is a large temple of Ancient Greek construction with Icarus Item-1 deep inside. Item-1 is a set of large wings with straps to fit a human subject. If one were approach this item, voices are reported to tempt the subject to put on Item-1, it would then alter the subjects mind to force itself to fly towards the sun, even surviving out in space without any form of life support. Icarus Site causes SW-Class disasters within an 8km radius, including earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and wildfires, causing in total 45 Foundation Casualties. Icarus Site was found when four local campers approached the site which caused a Category-3 Hurricane within 8km of the Site. The campers made it inside the temple which caused one camper to put on the wings, killing two of the campers and began its ascent, which resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Icarus Person-1 is a Ancient Human from around 2,200 BCE. He is approximately 1.8 meters tall and around 16 years of age. He claims to be "Icarus, Son of Daedalus". Icarus has been very cooperative after he saw Item-1 during containment breach (see Incident-25), claiming them to be the wings of his father. When Icarus approaches the Site, none of the anomalous incidents occur, even when accompanied by researchers. During Interviews when asked about history, Icarus shows average knowledge of the area, not knowing anything past his estimated time period other than what researchers have told him. A small home has been constructed for Icarus for him to live on site due to his cooperation. Requests are required to have gone through review from (1) Level 21 Level 4 Staff member. Home is to be furnished in a modern style with basic facilities, as well as a television with several movies. He is not allowed to return to the temple unless requirements for testing are met (See Addendum Item Movement).

Addendum:Item Movement
Tests to see affects of removing Icarus Item-1 from the temple and placing in an alternate site are on hold due to not knowing which causes the effects. To resume, they require (two) Level 5 Researcher approval. -Doctor Wilkerson