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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A digital sample of SCP-XXXX is stored in a 2TB hard drive and can only be accessed with a stand alone laptop in test-chamber ████ with a level 4 clearance. The hard drive is stored in a triple lock safe with a Faraday cage and under no circumstances should any electronic communication device be brought into the fifty meter range of SCP-XXXX. Infected device will be destroyed immediately and the foundation is not responsible for staff's imprudence.

Scanning programs are deployed on the internet and blended into major operation softwares, which detects and delete materials containing SCP-XXXX. Personnel are encouraged to report infected colleagues to their superiors for counter memetic treatment. Major organizations and governments are informed of the existence of SCP-XXXX and advised to install the scanning program.

All material infected by SCP-XXXX is to be destroyed by D-class personnel, which have their vocal cord surgically removed and at no times, provided with written material. Infected personnel must report to their supervisors via pre-issued identification stickers and are to be isolated immediately. Depending on their current status, infected will be treated with class A amnesiac and relieved from duty.

In case of major infection in Site-██ (critical mass: ██% of on site population), protocol Tacit-30 will be enforced, which includes the deployment of SCP-████ and establishment of isolation perimeter.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a contagious memetic phenomena that gradually corrodes a person's ability to communicate with others. Infected subjects will have a compulsion to express themselves in an increasingly complex manner. Subjects will spend more time trying to communicate others, and their condition will continue to deteriorate to a point that they can no longer express themselves. Curiously though, subjects are not disturbed by their current state, and will try to infect others, in order to 'civilize' them.

SCP-XXXX is capable to transmit through most known mediums of communication, including speech and writings, etchings, drawings, sign-language and [DATA REDACTED]. Till this day, interviews with infected subjects are conducted with them filling closed questionnaires and results to be scanned by scoring machines, or having them answer Yes/No questions by pressing buttons. Experiments with different medias are encouraged as finding SCP-XXXX limitation, which leads to its cure and ultimately, eradication.

Communication between infected subjects seems to be unhampered by the effects of SCP-XXXX and both party interpret and give response to each other with the same speed of normal individuals, although due to their lengthy content, even greetings can be extended to 10 to 15 minutes for Beta subjects. It is worth-noting that, this applies to different stages, which means subjects in alpha stages can be used as a translator for interviews of those in Gamma and Delta stage.

Stages of Infection:

Stages Time after initial contraction Description
Alpha 0 to 48 hours Subjects begin to use long sentences, for instance, speaking for half a minute without any pauses. Also, they prefer academic vocabularies and paraphrasing, over slang and short forms. At this stage, it is distinguish infected from an educated individual or a formal document. Foundation has developed a scanning program to spot early signs of infection by spotting density of certain keywords(refer to Document XXXX-1258 for a complete word list).
Beta 2 to 9 days Behaviors elevated from long sentences to using a wide range of formal speech compulsively, even in daily conversations. Paraphrasing and semantic repetition become increasingly frequent, while words are expanded in a redundant manner, for example, a majority of beta subjects use 'I must take my leave and godspeed.' instead of 'bye'. Their words are still understandable, though clumsy and requires great attention of recipients. After this stage, infection will be irreversible and unless for research, infected are to be terminated or surgically muted and eliminate means of communication.
Gamma 9 to 25 days Subjects start to insert trivial details into paragraphs and speech, and often without pause for a paragraph or half a minute. Inversions are used more often and are riddled with clusters of adjectives and adverbs. Drawings, etchings and even penmanship are now under effect of SCP-XXXX, lines are broken down into shorter lines and dots. While some researcher stated that drawings of gamma subject are astounding, they must be destroyed at once.
Delta 25 days onward Subjects' words are now mostly incoherent and degraded to a point that communication are only possible with closed answers. Penmanship and drawings are now for instance if provided with pen and paper, a gamma subject with try to ensure every line of every alphabet to be 'perfect'. Standards may vary from having exactly horizontal and vertical lines, to drawing a perfect circle, which leads to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum XXXX-1023
Prior writing post-incident report, Dr. █████ ████████, who was one of initial recovery team of SCP-XXXX, was infected and his following document is an example of Beta stage deviations.

Addendum XXXX-1023A
SCP-XXXX was first discovered in a minute of city council of ████████. All members and staffs were in Beta stage. After scanning the mayor's email account, an anonymous mail, in form of an internal memo, was discovered and determined as the origin of SCP-XXXX.
Addendum XXXX-1023B
Do not abuse the report mechanism to mock your colleague's writing style, it takes time and money to scan and evaluate documents.
Note: Seriously, grow up, people. I expect the best of what humanity can offer in the Foundation. -Dr. █████ ████████
Note2: I know I am not artistically gifted, but for the last time, I am NOT infected by SCP-XXXX. -Dr. █████ ████████