The Prism
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Item#: SCP-█

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-█ is to be kept in a 5×5cm tungsten box inside a 3×3 metre concrete cell, fitted with matte black sponge padding across the walls and ceiling, with no light source available. Thermal sensors are installed to detect any activity of SCP-█'s activity. Photographic and light emitting devices are prohibited upon entering SCP-█'s cell at all times.

Description: SCP-█ is a triangular base prism made up of a glass like material. The measurements of SCP-█ are 20mm in length and width and 25mm in height.

When SCP-█ is in direct contact with a light source of any kind that proceeds over the limit (0.002 Lux), SCP-█ will start to glow white instead of maintaining its original translucence in which the brightness will constantly increase drastically (360,000+ Lux). Direct eye contact upon SCP-3197 first illuminating will cause immediate blindness, and in some cases severe sixth degree burns for longer exposure to its viewer within the first 3-5 seconds.

After light exposure to SCP-3197, The prism will also increase in temperature to the point it will produce tremendous amounts of thermal energy, with temperatures exceeding well over 2000°C (5432°F) as recorded recently, although a higher temperature of 5000°C has been unofficially recorded.

All energy emitted from SCP-█ will eventually decay after 1 hour. After decay, SCP-█'s appearance changes to a shade of black that is impossible to be re-created by natural methods. SCP-█ will remain in this state for up to 3 weeks.

The anomalous properties of SCP-█ were discovered upon first attempted retrieval, after a high reading of thermal energy was recorded on July 19th 2███ at the bottom of the A█████ trench, located 515 metres deep within the ██████ Ocean. Upon the team's attempts to contain the prism, nothing was known of the properties that SCP-█ had when it came into direct contact with a head light.
The retrieval crew’s charred remains where discovered two days later.

Addendum 1: Due to the destructive abilities of SCP-3197, all planned tests have been halted on facility grounds until further notice, However testing of SCP-3197 within approved locations is yet to undergo experimentation.

Addendum 2: After the events of December 13th 2███, in which 7 fatalities had occurred. All personnel entering SCP-█'s cell must have a clearance of level-3 or higher.