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SCP-3XXX Document

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be contained within a 10x10x2 meter Room with 10cm thick aluminium walls with tesla coiling and electric fencing around the cell. A form of outdated entertainment must be supplied to SCP-3XXX's containment area, any form of modern technology is to not come into possession of SCP-3XXX. A modified, wireless Television must be kept on while SCP-3XXX is awake and is to be connected via a closed circuit that is unconnected to the Foundations' Main power lines. In case of electric failure, a book shelf is to be used by SCP-3XXX, every month a new supply of books are to be added to the containment cell's Library.

Description: SCP-3XXX appears as a reptillian humanoid, having characteristics that of a "Salvator Merianae", the Black and White Argentine Tegu. Interaction with SCP-3XXX is to be limited to D-class personnel under approval from at least 2 senior researchers. Due to the anomalous nature of SCP-3XXX, all personnel above class-D are strictly forbidden from interacting with scp-3XXX unless approved by a member of the 0-5 council. SCP-3XXX wears black formal wear, it is unknown what brand or material the clothing is constructed from. Any attempts at removing the clothing has resulted in immediate failure. When not being shown any form of human entertainment, SCP-3XXX will slowly gain more muscle mass and get more aggressive, creating the possibility of a containment breach.

Interaction with SCP-3XXX by a human subject will result in lowered mental faculties, this is most prominent when a human is either conversating with SCP-3XXX or maintaining visual contact with SCP-3XXX. Any interaction with living creatures other than humans towards SCP-3XXX has resulted in no response by SCP-3XXX. Interactions between other SCPs in the foundation and SCP-3XXX have not occured. After 1 Hour of exposure to SCP-3XXX, the human subject loses all mental functions and basic motor skills and is hereafter referred to as SCP-3XXX-1. Soon after the creation of SCP-3XXX-1, SCP-3XXX will attempt to unhinge it's jaw and swallow SCP-3XXX-1. It takes SCP-3XXX ██ seconds to digest SCP-3XXX-1. SCP-3XXX will not accept any form of food supplied by humans and will only accept SCP-3XXX-1 as real food.

The Original location of SCP-3XXX has been determined to be located on the South-East of ████████ after an as of yet unknown number of disappearances estimated to be between ███ and ███. The Foundation took notice in 19██, MTF Team 5 has been dispatched into the area to capture and contain SCP-3XXX. The Origins of SCP-3XXX are still under investigation. Administrator clearance required to view further information on the existence of SCP-3XXX.