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SCP-2075 upon discovery

Item #: SCP-2075

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2075 is to be contained in a lead-lined concrete holding unit at Site-15. Holding unit is to be kept at a constant temperature of no more than 0 (zero) degrees Celsius and no visible light is to be allowed within the holding unit at any time, unless needed for testing. SCP-2075 is to be kept on a constant watch by infrared video surveillance and any movement observed is to be reported to a level-4 personnel.

Description: SCP-2075 is a sentient automaton standing at 1 (one) meter tall in its closed state and 2.5 meters in its open state. The head of SCP-2075 is a composite of plaster coating a wooden core (samples of core have not identified the type of wood used to create SCP-2075). Mechanical components of SCP-2075 are made of cast metal gears; ranging from 1 mm to 14 (fourteen) cm diameters, sprockets, coils, 2 (two) wheels for locomotion, and a telescoping neck piece. The metal used to cast the components is an alloy composed of brass, copper, iron, and an unknown material closely resembling [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-2075 does not speak, instead it communicates through writing and binary code. Although the writing it produces is garbled, it is recognizable as English.

SCP-2075 was found in a clock tower in ███████, Italy. Documentation found alongside SCP-2075 shows that it has been in the possession of [DATA EXPUNGED] and several others over the course of two hundred and fifteen years.

SCP-2075 becomes active when any form of light, electricity, or heat exceeding 1 degree Celsius comes into contact with its surface. SCP-2075 has been documented to create its own heat source, providing near-self-sustaining energy for a brief period of time (see addendum 2075-1). If heat is produced, the holding unit will drop its ambient temperature by fifteen degrees until SCP-2075 stops moving (security protocol 275-9). No forms of modern technology (chips, microprocessors, ect.) have been found on or in SCP-2075.


SCP-2075 in an "open", inactive state

SCP-2075's body component, to be referred as SCP-2075-B, can be removed by first removing both arms, SCP-2075-C & SCP-2075-D, and unlatching four clasps found at the shoulders and base. Once the body component is successfully removed, SCP-2075 will be in its "open" state (see addendum 2075-2).

SCP-2075 has expressed its desire to escape and return to the clock tower from where it was found (see document #2075-4).

Addendum 2075-1: ██/█/██98 12:34
SCP-2075, after remaining inactive for 47 (forty-seven) hours, begins "pacing" the west wall of its containment cell. Thermal imaging shows heat elements emitting from SCP-2075. Security protocol 275-9 is then followed. SCP-2075 ceases movement and returns to its inactive state.

Addendum 2075-2: ██/█/██04 23:12
SCP-2075, while emerging from its inactive state, ejects its arms and opens its body section. Security protocol 275-9 is then followed.

Document #2075-4

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: SCP-2075 communicates by writing on a blank paper using a ████ brand ballpoint pen.

<Begin Log, [██/██/██05]>

Dr. ██████: Hello, 2075.

SCP-2075: ɠʀɘǝtɪиGs

Dr. ██████: Can you tell us who created you?

SCP-2075: Ί ӎϋϩϮ яЕТυrИ НϬМξ

Dr. ██████: To the clock tower?

SCP-2075: ҤѳΜe

Dr. ██████: You can't go back to the clock tower.

SCP-2075: ӔḶḬṿᵉ, ї ᵐᵁᶳᵵ ᴿᴲᶵᵿᶉᴺ Ḥᴼᴹᴲ

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-2075 continues to write the same statement over and over again. Testing is halted after 10 minutes of no results. Since then, ██ breaches have occurred. SCP-2075 has been located out of the facility 7 of ██ times.