Item #: SCP-3050
Object Class: Safe/Keter
Access to SCP-3050 is restricted to Level 4 personnel
Special Containment Procedures: Contained in a 8L x 8W x 8H concrete cell block. Both SCP3050-1 and SCP3050-2 are locked in their own separate metal safes and can only be unlocked by knowing the turn dial combination numbers. This code is only given to personal of Level 4 or higher. The 5 inch thick metal bullet proof door is locked by a digital key pad. This Password Pin is also only given to SCP personal level 4 and higher. If power is disrupted a analog system kicks in to keep SCP-3050-1 and SCP-3050-2 contained. No technology of any kind is allowed near SCP-3050.

SCP-3050-1: A Compact Disc (CD) labeled 1993 written in sharpie.
SCP-3050-2: A Compact cassette labeled 1964 also written in sharpie.

SCP-3050-1: Appears to be a normal compact disc but upon visual contact being made the viewer is over come with a urge to listen to the audio on the disc. People with a strong will power can over come the "siren call" that emits from the Disc.
To Be Edited*

SCP-3050-1 along with SCP-3050- 2 were mailed to [REDACTED], who was once a respected official inside the SCP. Inside the small cardboard box along with SCP-3050 and it's deviation was a suicide note. The note nor the box contained information about the sender and the sender still has yet to be identified. [REDACTED] was found dead with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head when he did not show up for work for three days. The two men who went to investigate [REDACTED] home suffered the same fate. One man, Mr. [REDACTED], was able to give an account of what they found when they entered [REDACTED] home.

Interviewed: Mr. [REDACTED] 32 hours after finding [REDACTED] dead in his home.

Interviewer: Dr. [REDACTED]

Foreword: An account of the effects SCP-3050-1 has on it's victims once it is heard.

<Begin Log, 3:21pm June 6th, 1994>

Dr. [REDACTED]: We'll make this short Mr. [REDACTED]…can you tell me what you heard, saw and found when you entered [REDACTED] home?

Mr. [REDACTED]: We heard it before we entered the house…it's…it's like a siren call. I don't think either of us even noticed [REDACTED] lying dead there on the floor. That noise, it sounded so sweet and lively. Like the voices of angels singing…me and [REDACTED] walked right up to it.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Walked right up to what?
Mr. [REDACTED]: His radio…it was set to repeat and was turned all the way up. No shut up! Stop whispering! I'm sorry…it's getting very hard to block it out…it's getting so loud!
** Interview was temporarily stopped when Mr. [REDACTED] began slamming his hands against the side of his head. When that failed to stop the murmurs he began slamming his head against the metal table. Interview continued with Mr. [REDACTED] now restrained.
Dr. [REDACTED]: Continue.
Mr. [REDACTED]:The angels…they turned to demons…and screaming, and flesh tearing and gunfire and explosions and children crying and-!
Dr. [REDACTED]: That's enough! What state was [REDACTED] home in when you came out of the trace.
Mr. [REDACTED]: I hit the stop button and [REDACTED] unplugged the radio but we could still hear it…we could still feel it…can still. God it's so fucking loud now… it wasn't so bad then though…oh..[REDACTED] he was lying dead on the floor. Blew his brains out with his colt .44. I think I know why he had a smile froze on his face now…On the walls written in blood and shit, I guess [REDACTED] did that before he did what I am going to… *laughing hysterically and crying* Please make it stop…just make it stop.
Dr. [REDACTED]: What did [REDACTED] write on the walls?
Mr. [REDACTED]: Go find out yourself. You're all safe now, it's no longer playing but it will….It will…it will… *continues repeating "it will" *
Dr. [REDACTED]: *sighs sadly* You're close to self destruction now. What are you feeling?
Mr. [REDACTED]: stops whispering and begins laughing hysterically with fresh tears* Everything and nothing…hot and cold…alive and dead…but the whispers…they turn into shouting, then into cries, then into heart beats…then back to whispers…..
Dr. [REDACTED]: Have you eaten, drank or slept in the last 32 hours?
Mr. [REDACTED]: *begins giggling and pulling against his restrains* NO! Now shut up you horrible demon! I didn't kill my daughter! I don't care what you show me-
*Gunshot and silence*
Dr. [REDACTED]: We've released him. Get him out of here and get SCP-3050-1 into containment for testing.
<End Log, [3: 36pm June 6th, 1994] >

Closing Statement: An investigation of [REDACTED] home was done and photographs were taken for study. Written in blood and feces on the wall were many dark phrases, single words and occult symbols. One phrase that was repeated often was 'Listen, Spread'. [REDACTED] clawed the messages into the wall using his own fingers and he had many self inflicted injuries as well. Also noted that [REDACTED] was found nude and emaciated. He was still smiling. Personnel who were sent to retrieve SCP-3050-1 and SCP3050-2 reported that they had a overwhelming urge to play the CD as soon as they saw it. Even though they knew the consequences of playing the audio. One person scummed to the urges but was taken out before he could play it. SCP-3050 and it's deviation were collected and brought back to Site [REDACTED].

Addendum: After containment a total of 13 Class D subjects were used to determine SCP-3050-1 and SCP-3050-2 capabilities and effects.1

UPDATE: As of February 27th, 2017 SCP-3050-1 is no longer contained. Dr. [REDACTED] who was involved with the original testing of SCP-3050-1 went rogue and has disappeared with SCP-3050-1.
SCP-3050-1 is now considered lost but finding it is our greatest fear. We never tried to find out if SCP-3050-1 could ever be copied because we feared its compulsion and we didn't want it to find it's way on to the World Wide Web. It's status has been updated to Keter and finding it before it spreads like wild fire online is our top priority. God help us all.