Gorgster man


Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP is to be kept in a standard secure locker at all times, and is to be taped closed.

Description: SCP appears to be a cardboard packing box that measures 30x30x15 cm weighing 100 grams. When opened SCP has a completely black interior starting at the lip of the box. Anything that enters this blackness can never be observed or recovered. Substance analysis conclusively points toward SCP 's exterior to be made of cardboard.

If anything were to partially enter SCP , it would be severed at the point, being similar In behaviour to a black hole, though no Hawking radiation has been observed. All attempts to observe the interior of the box have been unsuccessful. SCP is also observed to have self-repairing properties, though all attempts to observe the phenomena are unsuccessful. During the time when SCP is damaged, it is observed to have anomalous special properties, including punctures in its interior having differing lengths through the puncture and across it.

SCP was found in a storage locker in eastern [DATA EXPUNGED] after an auction. The buyer of the locker opened the box and tried to feel what was inside, losing an arm in the process. After this, the foundation was notified about the existence of SCP , and dispatched a recovery team to take SCP into its possession.


Test A

Procedure: Shining a 1kW spotlight into the open top of SCP
Results: Unable to observe the interior of SCP

Test B

Procedure: Inserting a wired camera into the top of SCP
Results: Camera immediately ceased to function, after attempted removal, the wire was cut off at the point where it had entered the interior of SCP
Analysis: Nothing is capable of leaving the interior of SCP

Test C

Procedure: Drill a hole in the side of SCP
Results: The hole emerged on the other side of SCP , without any sign of entering the interior. The hole measured 1/4 inch in length through it, whereas the distance across SCP was 12 inches. Note: after 12 hours, the hole had patched itself through unknown means, all attempts to observe this process have been unsuccessful

Test D

Procedure: Cut off a side of SCP
Results: When the cutting apparatus made contact with SCP , it immediately ceased existing. After exactly 12 hours, SCP reappeared in the same location.