Gorinich Serpant

Item#: xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a standard containment locker with removed batteries.

SCP-xxxx is a plastic toy depicting a palm tree on a beach. The object has battery slots on underside of the figure, speakers on the the top and a button on the right side of it. The trademark of Dr. Wondertainment is present on the base of the figure. If the button is pressed SCP-xxxx will play a track containing the sounds of waves breaking and seagull chatter for 5 minutes. The anomalous effects of SCP-xxxx only activate while it's audio plays within the area that SCP-xxxx can be heard. However The anomalous effects of the object include:
*Temperatures changing to 85°F.
*Humility changing to 78%.
*The scent of salt can be felt coming from no distinguishable source.

Recovery Log:
SCP-xxxx was discovered at Wholechild Preschool in Saint Paul Minnesota on ██/██/20██. Using the cover of a gas leakage the object was replaced with a duplicate without incident and the witnesses were given Class-C amnestics.The object was then determined to have been brought to the preschool by a five year old girl named █████ Evens. Further investigation determined that the girl's father ██████ Evens had bought SCP-xxxx for personal use.

Below is the log between Agent Wilson Young shortly after meeting ██████ Evens.

<Log Begin>

extraneous dialogue expunged

Mr. Evens Could you by any chance not take away the toy, please.

Agent Youngum,

Mr. Evens It's a harmless toy, doesn't harm anyone, and it's really important for my well being, I can't afford an actual vacation you see.

Agent YoungI'm afraid I can't do that sir.

Mr. Evens No of course not, what if I were to… grease the wheels a bit, if I were to give you a thousand, could we keep this under the table?

Agent YoungYou are aware that this conversation is being recorded right now?

Mr. Evens Oh, well. Nevermind then.

<End Log>

A tag was found in the home of Mr. Evens.

New (from Dr. Wondertaiment!) Introducing
Little Habitats: Sea-Side Vacation
See if you can collect all five!