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Item #: SCP-3454

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3454 is to be kept at site-[redacted] in a 5m by 5m square room with a single bar between the two walls and a coat hanger hanging off the bar. SCP-3454 is to be contained in a 1m by 1m steel cabinet at site-[Redacted] and is not to be opened unless specified by anyone with tier 4 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-3454 is a red Hawaiian shirt with picture of sunsets and silhouettes of palm trees covering the exterior of the shirt. The shirt has five buttons going down the front of the shirt and is composed of silk and cotton. When someone dons SCP-3454 with all buttons done up they begin to subconsciously pull practical jokes on people the wearer can see, things such as “stealing someone’s nose”, pulling their pants down and proceeding to give others “wet willies”. The current wearer of SCP-3454 is unable to do anything except prank others though if the wearer wants to they are fully capable of removing the shirt by their own volition. The pranks committed by the wearer of SCP-3454 towards others have, by all records so far, been completely harmless hurting the victim’s dignity rather than their physical being. However, if the person wearing SCP-3454 is alone and no other entities are in sight the person wearing SCP-3454 will begin pulling evil and unpleasant practical jokes on themselves, some even being lethal, again, the wearer is fully capable of stopping this is they chose to take the shirt off. Anyone who is to wear SCP-3454 is to be under the supervision of another individual in the room lest they decide to rip their own arm off. Furthermore extended exposure to SCP-3454 is not allowed due to the events of Incident A-2.

Experiment Notes:

The two incidents regarding SCP-3454 at site-██ have given us enough information to put this Hawaiian shirt in its new air-tight 1m by 1m steel cabinet not to be opened unless advised by anyone with tier 4 clearances or higher. The staff members at the SCP’s new site, site-██ has taken to calling SCP-3454 “A Pranksters Attire” while it is nice to give SCPs names this one will most likely never be worn again.