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Sample of SCP-XXX Memetic Tag

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All testing on SCP-XXX is suspended indefinitely. SCP may not be accessed under any circumstances without explicit orders from the O5 Council.

A single copy of SCP-XXX is to be retained at the Hazardous Data Storage Center (HDSC) at Site 12. This copy is to be contained in an encrypted folder on an encrypted hard drive (AES-███ or stronger). Both the folder and the hard drive must have separate and distinct decryption keys. The hard drive containing SCP-XXX is to be kept in its own passcode-protected safe in a Hazardous Storage Media (HSM) Containment Room in the HDSC. All access to SCP-XXX is restricted to Level 4 personnel and above only.

In the event of containment breach, level 3 supervisory staff and level 4 site administrative staff are to be immediately notified to open ORDER MERCURY-ALPHA 1 and follow all instructions therein.

Description: SCP-XXX is an cognitohazardous electronic text document causing adverse perceptive and behavioral effects in humans when viewed. Hazardous effects manifest in humans regardless how the document is viewed (e.g. in electronic format on a computer, on a print-out, etc.). As of the writing of this report, determination of which part of the document (e.g. gestalt appearance, lettering, language, etc.) is hazardous has not been determined. The hazardous effect has only been demonstrated to transmit visually; the effect cannot apparently be transmitted via vocal reading of the language contents of the document, nor are the effects transmitted when the appearance of the document is described.

The cognitohazardous effect of this document are transmitted immediately after viewing, and will occur regardless of whether or not the person viewing it (hereafter known as the “viewer) has finished reading its contents. The viewer will immediately feel the overwhelming compulsion to show or send the document to authority figures for their own viewing. When questioned as to the need for this, the viewer will vaguely claim that the contents of the document are of some eminent importance in a variety of contexts (e.g. “…crucial to humanity’s survival”, “…critical intelligence…”, etc.). In cases where the original viewer succeeds in sending it to another person, this second individual, should he/she view it, will likewise feel compelled to send the document to an authority figure above them. Attempts to stop the viewer from showing or sending the document to another individual have been met with violence. As of this writing, no known document viewing thread has reached a point of termination, where there is no higher authority.

The cognitohazardous effects of viewing the document are not limited to the preceding compulsion. Viewers will begin to experience mild auditory hallucinations within 2 hours of viewing the message, often described as unintelligible whispers. Hallucinations will become visual within 8 hours, often described as vague shapes previously described as “amorphous” and “threatening”. Visual hallucination occur along with an increase in the perceived volume of auditory hallucinations. These hallucinations will continue to increase in intensity through to approximately the 24th hour after exposure, during which viewers have been observed attacking the air around them, as well as other persons they encounter. Within 24 hours, the individual will have become catatonic. Death usually follows in approximately one hour, usually attributed to massive seizure. As of the writing, there is no known memetic inoculant, nor is there any known counter-meme to reverse the document’s effects.

Addendum XXX-A: Retrieval Details: The Foundation became aware of the document following the intercepted transmissions from [REDACTED] intelligence services referring to numerous deaths among soldiers and officers at a suspected [REDACTED] blacksite located near the [REDACTED] border. Chatter referred to a “madness” that afflicted many officers on site. Satellite imagery gathered shortly after intercept observed the site to be in apparent lockdown, with no movement within or around the base to radius of 10 kilometers. Approximately 3 hours after observation began, an unknown special operations force (SOF) raided the site using unmarked helicopters. SOF withdrew after 1 hour from operation start.

Foundation assets within the [REDACTED] determined that SOF obtained a single flash drive from site. Assets obtained access to thumb drive and with the assistance of Foundation Cyberwarfare Team uploaded drive contents to secure Foundation servers while wiping local copies.

Inspection of contents revealed a single copy of SCP-XXX, and a file containing logs on tests conducted on human subjects.